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Lieberman will run

Lieberman announces candidacy for a run at the Democratic nomination for 2004.

Look for comments from the usual antisemitic suspects about the “Jews taking over the world” in, oh, about 30 seconds.

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  • Steve Brandon 01.13.03, 6:53 PM

    I’m no fan of Lieberman, though that’s primarily because a) I’d vote Republican if I was American, and b) he was the politician that spearheaded the Senate subcomittee hearings into videogame violence in 1994, based, mainly, on certain watchdog groups going hyper ape-s**t over one three-second scene in the Sega CD (the system that attached to the Genesis) tongue-in-cheek horror movie spoof Night Trap of a woman getting some sort of syringe-like device stuck in her neck, so that’s “violence against women”. As well as because of the silly “Fatalities” in Mortal Kombat. Glad that never led to any real censorship of games, though.

  • segacs 01.13.03, 7:11 PM

    Steve – of course, none of that has anything to do with Sen. Lieberman’s religion. Those are all legitimate reasons not to vote for the guy.

    You can bet that all of that will get lost in the shuffle as the papers focus on how he’s the first Jewish nominee. He’ll never win the nomination anyway so the point’s pretty moot.

  • Ikram Saeed 01.13.03, 7:58 PM

    I agree that there will be a lot of focus on the fact that he is the first significant Jewish Prez candidate, but I don’t think it will be negative.

    Expect a lot of self congratulatory articles about how wonderful we (meaning them) are for voting Jewish. So tolerant, so open minded.

    Also a few stories on “American Jews: 1650 to 2003”. Much weepiness. Ken Burns style fiddle-music-moralism. The Schmaltz will rival NBC’s presentation of the Olympics.

    There is no important reservoir of anti-jewishness left in the USA. The liberal left (NYT) has always been either Jewish or pro-Jewish. Now the evangelicals love Israel. So do the neo-cons.

    There may be some minor sources — the far far left, the poorest poor blacks, Pat Buchanan — but these are marginalized and weak groups. No one who matters is anti-semitic.


    And I think Lieb’s got a good chance of becoming the Dem nominee. Look at who he is up against — Edwards? Daschle? Kerry? As candidates, these guys stink.

    Being a Jews gives Lieberman credibility on National Security issues, an area Dems are traditionally weak in. I’d put down money that, barring a meltdown or bimbo-eruption, Lieberman will win the Dem nomination.

    And then lose to GWB.

  • Steve Brandon 01.13.03, 8:18 PM

    I don’t recall people making all that much fuss over his Jewish-ness, one way or the other, when he was the vice-presidential nominee in 2000. It was noted occasionally in news reports, but I don’t think it was that much of a factor. Though I didn’t start checking out http://www.Indymedia.org (a.k.a. “Nazimedia” on certain other ‘Blogs), the homepage for all conspiratorial and/or anti-“globailization” and/or anti-semet…er, I mean, “anti-Zionist” far wacko fringe leftists. (Click on “OPEN” on the newswire on the right of the screen to see what I mean.)

  • Steve Brandon 01.13.03, 8:20 PM

    Oops… forgot to add “I didn’t start to check out http://www.Indymedia.org…/... until after 9/11, so I didn’t get to read what they said about Lieberman”.

  • jaws 01.13.03, 10:02 PM

    Lieberman if he’s able to somehow get the nomination (which I doubt) would most likely be crushed by GWB.

    He’s recently gotten a lot of flack from the Orthodox Jewish community (re his mideast trip and comments in Saudi arabia). Back in 2000 Lieberman was the “pride” of the Jewish community….talk about shooting oneself in the foot.

    And if you look at how big of a to-do it was when Kennedy ran and won (the first and only catholic) just imagine how it’ll be with Lieberman. And his opponents will be able to use his religion against him (if it comes to foreign policy matters).

  • Shmoo 01.14.03, 4:52 AM

    I’m really curious about how primary voters think…I wonder if the fact that the dem nominee has no chance in beating GWB (short of a major screw-up in the Iraqi campaign)has an effect on their reservations about voting for a Jew who is running for president.

  • Zionist_social_democrat 01.14.03, 5:38 AM

    Lieberman is intelligent, and has some ideas, but he is also something of a BS artist – just like almost every politician in USA.

    Israeli politics is much more interesting.


    Now I have to make aliyah!

  • Peter 01.14.03, 7:14 AM

    I agree with Ikram about Lieberman having a
    good chance of winning the democratic nomination.
    I’m not sure if being a Jew gives him credibility
    on national security issues but he certainly is
    as hawkish as Bush and that should help him in
    04 barring any Vietnam style catastrophes which I
    doubt will happen.

    I think in a wierd way it might be in Bush’s interest
    for the turmoil in Israel to increase in 04 because it
    the Lieberman campaign may feel it necessary to distance
    itself from Israel continually throughout the campaign.
    Kennedy only had to answer the loyalty question once and
    thus lay it to rest because in 1960 there weren’t daily
    headlines in in the papers such as “3 Die in Suicide
    Bombing in St. Peter’s Square; Pope Orders Crackdown.”
    Also, of course, Nixon needed the Catholic vote too and
    I’m sure had no interest or desire in making it an issue.

    So, after Lieberman loses in 04 I think it sets up the
    stage for a Rudy/Hillary battle in ’08 and that’s too
    bad because I don’t really like either.

  • Hanthala 01.15.03, 12:33 AM

    For immediate release
    Date: January 13, 2003

    Citing Lieberman’s support for Israeli military violence, activists
    challenge candidate.

    STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT Jewish activists disrupted Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s announcement of his presidential candidacy at Stamford High School and
    hisfirst campaign stop at the Stamford Diner. Holding placards and
    banners, 30 members of Jews Against the Occupation (JATO) chanted, “U.S.
    funds Israel’s War! Jewish Voters Say No More!” Two activists were
    arrested during the demonstration. JATO calls for an end to the Israeli
    occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as well as an end to
    U.S. military and economic aid for Israel.

    “Senator Lieberman claims to speak for American Jews when he calls for
    unconditional U.S. support for Israel. But increasingly, Jews in the U.S.and Israel reject the violent Israeli repression of Palestinian
    civilians,” says Malcah Rosen of Stamford, one of the demonstrators.

    JATO activists protested Israeli use of U.S. aid to finance human rights
    violations. Both the seizure of Palestinian land and collective
    punishment of Palestinian civilians, which are illegal under the Geneva
    Conventions, are made possible by U.S. military and economic aid.

    “Israel does not use U.S. aid for the purposes of advancing democracy and
    freedom. U.S. aid both directly and indirectly supports the military
    infrastructure enabling mass detentions and killings of Palestinian
    civilians, as well as the destruction of Palestinian society. As Jews
    around the world voice their opposition to this war against a civilian population, United States tax dollars perpetuate it,” says Rebecca Levitsky of New York City.

    Challenging Senator Lieberman’s position that the Israeli occupation is necessary, New York City resident Karen Goldman observes, “Lieberman has
    characterized ending Israel’s military violence as “a crime of weakness” and affirms an unconditional “special relationship” between the U.S. and Israel. We must sever this relationship until Israel demonstrates a true interest in peace and fair negotiation. As Israeli officials speak more and more of their intentions to engage in massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, we cannot allow the United States to continue to support the greatest crimes of this conflict.”

    Jews Against The Occupation is a New York City-based group of Jewish
    community leaders, and part of a growing movement of worldwide Jewish
    dissent against the illegal, violent actions of the Israeli government
    and the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.


  • jaws 01.15.03, 4:27 AM

    So the Jewish way-way-left doesn’t like Lieberman and the Orthodox aren’t happy with him…..he’d have a hard time capturing the Jewish vote were he to get the nomination….

  • Peter 01.15.03, 4:28 AM

    Hanthala, interesting press release. It
    contains most of the rhetoric and buzz words
    of the antisemitic left. Organizations like
    Jews against the “occupation” just goes to
    prove the old adage that some of the biggest
    antisemites are Jews. I mean, why demonstrate
    during Lieberman’s campaign announcement. Did
    they demonstrate when Edwards or Kerry made their
    campaign announcements?

  • jaws 01.15.03, 6:09 AM

    Speaking of a Jew running for the office of Prez…this just came out on WND:

    Study: Dems more anti-Semitic than GOPers
    Survey finds bias against Jews greater among young

    some points form the article:

    Nearly one-third of Americans (32 percent) were concerned that a Jewish president might not act in America’s best interests if they conflict with Israel’s. This belief recalls the “dual loyalties” stigma sometimes applied to American Jews – that Jewish Americans are at least equally swayed by Israel’s interests as by what is best for America

    Democrats tend to be more anti-Semitic than Republicans. For example, Republicans are less likely to view Jews as caring only about themselves (12 percent) than Democrats or independents (20 percent each). This finding may come as a surprise to many Jews, who are much more heavily aligned with the Democratic Party.


  • Hanthala 01.15.03, 6:53 AM


    *shiver* that’s kinda like (old) PQ ethnic nationalism (the new is neo-liberal).

  • Hanthala 01.15.03, 6:56 AM

    Peter said: “why demonstrate
    during Lieberman’s campaign announcement. Did they demonstrate when Edwards or Kerry made their
    campaign announcements?”


    Did Edwards or Kerry ever claim to speak for American Jews? According the Jewish Alliance:

    “Senator Lieberman claims to speak for American Jews when he calls for
    unconditional U.S. support for Israel.”

  • Ikram Saeed 01.15.03, 6:12 PM

    Over at Occam’s Toothbrush, Moe links to an article suggesting that Lieb has little Orthodox support. Still, the vast majority of American Jews are neither Orthodox nor Chomskyite. I think there are enough in the middle for Lieb to get the the votes and the money he needs from his ethnic constituency.

    I could be wrong. Dukakis got plenty of support from Greek-Americans, but maybe Jewish-Americans are better assimilated, and thus less interested in ethnic avatars. Or perhaps Jewish-Americans are more accustomed to splintering and ethnic infighting (Reform vs. Reconstruction, vs Conservative, vs etc.), and thus could never unify behind a Jewish candidate.

    Certainly Canadian Jews don’t seem to give a damn about religion. I never heard of any ethnic support for Herb Grey. But then, I bever really heard of any support for Herb Grey at all, other than from Windsor West and JC.

  • jaws 01.15.03, 9:56 PM


    In most cases, the trend has been that a large bloc of Jews will back/support a Jewish candidate for Congress. And there are also groups small like “Democratic-Jewish alliance”. THis doesn’t mean that ALL Jews will vote the same way, but enough have to form a “visible pattern”

    At the same time, it should be noted that Lieberman DOES NOT speak for all Jews; and his claims of doing such has actually caused problems

  • Peter 01.16.03, 5:20 AM

    Hanthala, I think it is a pretty stupid
    thing for Lieberman to say something like
    that. No single Jewish politician or organization
    speaks for “American Jews” in total. However,
    I don’t know how “unconditional” Lieberman’s
    support of Israel is. He obviously supports
    plenty of aid for Israel, but he also spoke out about the
    bad conditions in the disputed territories on his recent
    trip to the ME, and he came out in favor of a Palestinian
    state sayaing that the issue had strong support congress. Also,
    current polls still show that most American Jews
    are also in favor of such a state. Anyway, he will
    be on Conan O’brien tonight so we will see what he says.

    On another issue, I think it is so phoney for Bush to
    be against racial preferences because he has benefited
    from preferences that are even more stupid.

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