Arrests made in UTT bombing


The police have arrested five suspects in conjunction with the firebombing at UTT that destroyed the elementary school’s library last month:

“Four males aged between 18 and 20 and one female in her 30s were all apprehended at 6:15 this morning,” Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafrenière said Friday.

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Lafreniere did not give the nationalities of those arrested, saying there was some information police did not want to reveal so as not to jeopardize the investigation into other possible suspects.

Or perhaps that they’re too politically-correct to provide that information. It’s sure to come out shortly, though – they can’t withhold the information forever.

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1 DaninVan 05.15.04 at 5:14 PM

?… She couldn’t get a date with guys her own age?


2 Damian P. 05.15.04 at 7:05 PM

The Globe and Mail says the four male suspects were of Middle Eastern origin. I really wish I could say I’m surprised.


3 Tali 05.15.04 at 10:53 PM

The word “nationalities” is interesting here, too. There’s no question that these people are going to be Muslims, most likely with connections to the Middle East. The big questions, as far as I am concerned, are their citizenships and countries of residence.

Canadian citizen terrorists or long-term Canadian resident terrorists perpetrating a terrorist attack in Canada should be serious cause for alarm, if that’s what this turns out to be. After all, this bombing didn’t just follow Israel’s action agaist Hamas. It also followed a number of calls by extremist groups for Western-based terrorists to strike close to home…


4 DaninVan 05.16.04 at 2:38 AM

Ok; their pics were on the 6:00 PM news and it’s confirmed, she’s a 36 yr. old cougar with very kinky ideas for first dates.


5 Peter 05.16.04 at 6:44 AM

Here are the culprits who were charged:
Simon Zogheib, 18
Sleiman Elmerhebi, 18
Rouba Fahd Elmerhebi, 36

Rouba, the 36 year-old mother of Sleiman, was charged as an “accessory after the fact.” Isn’t that sweet.

Two other 18 year-old wild asses of men were released.


6 Sam 05.16.04 at 10:57 PM

We should shut down immigration from all Moslim countries immediately! I knew they would be Moslims…


7 segacs 05.16.04 at 11:51 PM

Consider this a friendly warning about overtly racist statements. I don’t want to have to start playing comments nanny again.


8 josh 05.17.04 at 12:01 AM

com’n segacs.. sam’s comment is absolutely justified. you never know what kind of freaks they accept at immigration. I would’ve never thought you’d fall into this “racist” terminology game that they try to corner us with. benjamin netanyahu himself warned of the likes of the school bombers. we’ve been waiting for those to appear for quite a while now and it’s finally happening. we should stand our ground and not let these sickos take over. i’m sure most of them would not dare to do such things, even if they harbor bad intentions, but better be safe than sorry. i mean look at what happens in israel, had we got rid of those roaches when we had the chance, we would not have to deal with their remanents now.


9 DaninVan 05.17.04 at 2:39 AM

(* uh oh, I think ‘somebody’ just stepped in doodoo*)

Before anybody gets too far off the rightous path, may I politely remind people that we’ve had our share of terrorism (in Canada)that DIDN’T have anything to do with Islam. That would include the Riel Uprising, the FLQ, the Squamish 7, the pipeline bombings in Alberta, the Narita and Air India bombings, the Sons of Freedom bombings and arson……. did I forget anyone?

There was a lot of anti-war sabotage here in Canada during the 2nd WW. That was done by ‘real’ Canadians, not immigrants.


10 josh 05.17.04 at 6:04 PM

Al-Quada is warning Canada for being selfish.


11 Hanthala 05.17.04 at 10:30 PM

Josh, Sam, a mosque was fire bombed. Can I run around accusing “the Jews” for this act and requesting an immediate halt to Jewish immigration lest we let in some more freaks, without sounding like an anti-semite? I think not.


12 segacs 05.17.04 at 11:03 PM

Before you go drawing moral equivalencies, Hanthala, how many times were mosques bombed by Jews in the name of Judaism? Sometimes you gotta go by historical precedent. And while I vehemently disagree with Josh’s reaction, your effort to turn the analogy on its head is also wrong in thsi case.


13 Hanthala 05.19.04 at 1:51 AM

In Canada? Not sure. In North America, well we’ve had the Jewish Defense League planning to bomb a mosque and murder an Arab-American politician a few years back. MURDER. Not fire-bombing an empty school in the middle of the night. It was never proven, but they were also prime suspects in the 1981 slaying of another prominent Arab-American. Gives me the creeps every time I think about how Irv Rubin, JDL prime terrorist, was roaming around Concordia 3 years ago. Right about the time when the CSU, some professors and any one else publicly supporting the Palestinians was getting death threats.


14 Peter 05.19.04 at 8:31 AM

An Arab will make any argument to condone violence. When an Arab murders, he murders well. When an Arab is thwarted in murdering, he runs to the UN, and he starts screaming “Human Rights, Human Rights!
War Crimes, War Crimes!”


15 segacs 05.19.04 at 4:05 PM

So Hanthala, in your view, because there’s one crazy wacko out there heading up a fringe group that is universally condemned by Jewish communities worldwide, that jusifies the firebombing a Jewish school?


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