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Revolving door

The Palestinian Authority is so serious about stopping terrorism, that they free terrorists soon after arresting them:

Palestinian police, enforcing a ceasefire with Israel, arrested two men from a suspected Hamas rocket squad after a gun battle in the Gaza Strip but freed the militants soon after, officials said on Tuesday.

[ . . . ]

In return for their freedom, the two militants, promised to abide by an agreement that militant factions reached with Abbas in Cairo in March to respect the ceasefire the Palestinian leader declared along with Sharon in February, Abu Khoussa said.

Yeah, right. Because that agreement has been respected oh-so-well:

Describing the clash, Abu Khoussa said, a third militant had escaped arrest: “The three were in a car, en route to fire rockets, when police waved for them to stop. Gunmen opened fire at the police, forcing policemen to fire back.

“Policemen controlled the situation, took away the car, arrested the gunmen and took away their arms,” he said, adding that the third man ran away and avoided the police.

A Palestinian security official said police found rockets in the vehicle.

The Hamas gunmen accused the police of opening fire first and said there was no plan to launch rockets. Another militant group, Islamic Jihad, said it carried out a rocket attack on Israel from nearby shortly before the Hamas men were arrested.

Oh yeah, that cease-fire. The nonexistent one. Why didn’t you just say so?

But the media continues to pretend that a cease-fire exists, just as they continue to pretend that Abbas is actually interested in fighting terrorism. Why tell the truth when the lies sound so much prettier?

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  • DaninVan 05.03.05, 4:44 PM

    “Rockets? What rockets? I don’t see any rockets, do you, Abdul?
    Oh THOSE rockets…those are for Hallowe’en, Officer.”

  • John Palubiski 05.03.05, 7:50 PM

    Sari, it’s obvious by now that the many Palestinians simply can’t controle either themselves OR the “militants”.

    Had you told me just 15 years ago that Israel would need a protection wall, I’d have thought you were crazy.

    Not any more.

    Israel doesn’t need one wall, it needs two…….with about 25 miles of no-go no-man’s land in between.

    The Israelis are perhaps the best thing that’s happened to the whole region in centuries. Think of the educational, technical and financial possibilties, potential that their mere presence represents!

    No takers on the Palestinian side, though.

    Not many thinkers either, unfortunately!

    By and large, Palestinians will pay for the PLO with a twenty……..and then accept change for a five.

    So before teaching that peace is better than war, or that prosperity is better than poverty; go back to basics and teach them that 20 is greater than 5.

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