As if anyone thought this would work . . .


Hamas has broken off cease-fire talks with Mahmoud Abbas, who called for an end to “armed resistance” on Wednesday.

But now, precisely how intends to rein in the terrorists to achieve that end is a total mystery, as Abbas doesn’t seem prepared to do anything but ask “pretty please”:

Commenting on the Hamas move, Palestinian cabinet minister Ziad Abu Amr signaled Abbas would do his utmost to steer clear of armed conflict with the group. The government, Abu Amr said, made a commitment “not to resort to force” in internal affairs.

There’s only one way to destroy the terrorist orgnaizations, and that is by attacking them head-on to dismantle them. As long as Abbas tiptoes around Hamas, he is only announcing that he has no real power. And the doomed-from-the-start “road map” will accomplish absolutely nothing except force Israel into further unmatched concessions.

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1 jaz 06.06.03 at 7:07 PM

The script: The West comes up with a peace scheme. The Israelis with great reluctance are forced to accept it. A picture is taken of all the parties smiling and shaking hands. A few days later the different armed Arab factions reject it.

Haven’t we seen this all before?


2 segacs 06.06.03 at 7:28 PM

Oslo, anyone? Anyone?


3 Jonny 06.06.03 at 10:04 PM

We saw this in 1991. Replace Samir with Sharon, Ashrawi with Abbas, Arafat with Arafat, George Bush with George Bush, the Gulf War with the Gulf War II, and there is no difference really except that Saddam’s regime is no longer intact.


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