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Giving Robert Fisk a run for the idiocy title

It’s only January 1st and we already have our solid candidate for Idiotarian of the Year: Italian “peace activist” Alessandro Bernardini, who was kidnapped by Fatah gunmen but still thinks the Palestinian terrorists are a bunch of nice guys:

“I am fine, I am fine … They gave me cigarettes and tea,” Bernardini told reporters, looking shaken but unhurt.

“I will never change my idea about the occupation,” he said, referring to Israel’s occupation of land that Palestinians seek for a state. “I am with the Palestinian people.”

An armed offshoot of Abbas’s own ruling Fatah movement said it carried out the kidnapping.

Fatah. Not Hamas. Not Islamic Jihad. But Fatah’s “armed wing”. Did any of the people relentlessly promoting Mahmoud Abbas as a “moderate” ever stop to think about why Fatah has an armed wing in the first place?

Oh, and there’s more:

Hours earlier, gunmen stormed a United Nations club in Gaza City and blew up the bar — the only place where alcohol is served openly in the conservative Muslim territory. Nobody was hurt, but the attack added to security fears.

The United Nations is generally seen favorably in Gaza, where it is the second biggest employer after the Palestinian Authority.

Wow, talk about shooting yourself in the foot! The Israelis leave Gaza and suddenly the Palestinians are attacking their best friends, the United Nations?

My predicted U.N. response: “We will never change our idea about the occupation. We are with the Palestinian people”.


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  • Tré 01.03.06, 2:42 PM

    Yes, because thank God, people finally realize that Israel is occupying the Palestinain territories and that it is denying statehood to an entire population who, like the rest of us, is entitled to human rights.

  • John Palubiski 01.03.06, 4:44 PM

    Yes Tré, the Palestinians are entitled to human rights.

    I agree 100%!

    Yes, entitlements and rights, but what sayeth thee to basic Palestinian duties and responsabilities?

    Like recognising Israel’s right to exist and denouncing sucide bombings?

  • Tré 01.03.06, 8:37 PM

    What about it?

  • Peter 01.04.06, 12:47 AM

    There never was, is not, and never will be a palestinian people.

  • Tré 01.04.06, 8:34 PM

    There you go, John. The problem is not attacks on Israelis resulting from occupation, it is the attitudes of people such as Peter.

  • Malia 01.04.06, 11:26 PM

    Of course you are absolutley correct Peter but Tre will never admit it even though she knows it’s true.
    I’ve tried to debate her several times but Tre refuses because she knows the truth is on my side.

  • Tré 01.05.06, 3:48 PM

    I thought that would bring out Malia. Whose alter-ego is she? John, Peter, Josh, Dan, or are you all the same wingnut?

  • John Palubiski 01.05.06, 3:53 PM

    Tré, would it be of any consolation if I told you I was once quite an ardent supporter of the Palestinian “cause”.

    May I state my present views thus; Every society has a right to eat. Eating is a necessary and normal part of living.

    However, for any society to avail itself of the “right to eat”, that society must first exercise the duty and the responsability to GROW THE BLOODY FOOD.

    All rights are ultimately contingent on one’s ability to act and behave in a mature and responsable manner.

    Simply put; no money, no candy.

    And what ever happened to those high-tech greenhouses in the Gaza strip, Tré?

  • Tré 01.05.06, 9:48 PM

    Fuck you John.

  • cliff from montreal 01.06.06, 12:26 AM

    Gee tre,what “alter-ego ” of yours brought that display on? Your troll face?

  • Peter 01.06.06, 1:32 AM

    Tre, No Arab called himself a Palestinian before 1948. The myth of an Arab people known as Palestinians displaced from their “ancient” homeland by the Jews was created by the KGB and other anti-Jews in the 1950’s. In fact most of the Arabs “displaced” were mere migrant workers who came into British Mandatory Palestine looking for work. The majority of which hadn’t even been there about two years. Check the UN clause which defines a refugee to include anyone who had been in the Mandate 2 years before 1948.

    The descendants of such brigands and cutthroats are now running Gaza.

  • Tré 01.06.06, 4:20 PM

    Ditto Peter.

  • cliff from montreal 01.06.06, 5:43 PM

    Ditto Peter” ?
    Oh dearest ‘feeble victim’ Tre..
    Lost another argument,eh?

  • John Palubiski 01.06.06, 7:58 PM

    Tré, your language is inappropriate.

    If by telling people to F-off you hope to garner support for the Palestinians, then you’re very mitaken.

    To return to what I was saying; rights are not some commodity one hands out on a silver platter. They are, at least in part’ contingent on behavior and maturity.

    It is preciesly for this reason that children have fewer “rights” than adults.

    Likewise, some adults have their rights reduced because on wrongful behavior.

    It’s called going to jail.

    It’s elementary logic that certainly doesn’t deserve the “F” word.

    And those Gaza Strip greenhouses are not a mere detail, as many would think.

    Their destruction was an act of anti-semitism of the highest order. Million-dollar high-tech assests, that many people would die to have, trashed simply becuase those million-dollar assets were constructed by Jews.

  • Anonymous 01.06.06, 9:08 PM

    By your logic, Israselis have no rights.

  • DaninVan 01.08.06, 8:59 PM

    “Israselis”? Anonymous? Somebody’s been heavily into the eggnog n’ rum.
    Those peaceloving Gazanians didn’t waste a beat turning their mindless violence against their brothers, the Egyptians.

  • Tré 01.09.06, 7:04 PM

    Collective punishment. Rights are individual. For the millionth time, not all Palestinians are terrorists.

  • cliff from montreal 01.10.06, 12:56 AM

    tre? You said”not all Palestinians are terrorists’..gee,you also forgot to mention that 100% of the jihadist suicide bombers are palis.
    Way to go..you creep me out.

  • John Palubiski 01.10.06, 2:54 PM

    No Tré, of course they,re not. The vast majority of Palestinians are NOT terrorist.

    On the other hand, though, a large segment of the Palestinian population does little or NOTHING to denounce them.

    On the Israeli side there are numerous individuals and organisations that are pro-peace, but in the Palestinian camp few such individuals or groups even exist.

    Why is that?

    Also, Tré, never underestimate how useful a “captive” Palestinian population can be to the Arab world. It’s the only thing these dictators have in common; it’s the only thing that unites them, never missing a beat to express their “solidarity”. Without a Palestinian “issue” festering the the ME slow-cooker these same self-centered tyrants would turn on each other with drawn knives.

    So what little Arab unity we see, then, is accomplished largely on the backs of West Bank and Gazan Palestinians.

  • Tré 01.10.06, 5:17 PM

    ‘On the Israeli side there are numerous individuals and organisations that are pro-peace..’

    As on the ‘Palestinian side.’ As a matter of fact, many of them work together. You may chose not to acknowledge that but it does not deny the reality. Or, being ‘pro-Israel,’ they may simply escape your awareness.

    As for ‘the Arab world’ I really don’t see how its actions/thoughts (how are you so privy to people’s thoughts) can constitute a justification for the denial of basic human rights to Palestinians as a population.

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