Mocking Martha Stewart


What is it about Martha Stewart that makes her so satisfying to make fun of?

Martha Stewart took her defence straight to the public Thursday, writing in a newspaper ad “I am innocent” and “will fight to clear my name” despite federal insider-trading charges that prompted her to step down as head of her retail and media empire.

It’s a big drop from giving home decorating tips to defending criminal charges. But the media has been gleefully all over this story since it broke. Unflattering photos abound on the front page of magazines, and on television. There’s even a new TV movie starring Cybill Shepard, entitled Martha Inc., that tells the “unauthorized biography” version of Martha’s life. I guess Martha Stewart is one of those easy targets that people love to hate.

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1 jaz 06.06.03 at 1:48 AM

Chag Sameach Segacs.


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