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Three out of the five suspects in the UTT arson were formally charged, including 18-year-old Simon Zogheib, 18-year-old Sleiman Elmerhebi… and 33-year-old Rouba Elmerheibi Fahd… the latter’s mother. She was charged with being an “accessory after the fact”, which could mean anything from helping to cover up the crime to actually participating in helping them get away, for example. The evidence will be made public tomorrow. All three pled not guilty.

Some parenting.

I personally get a little annoyed by the fact that there have been immediate predictable reactions about “the Arabs” or “the Muslims” (especially considering Zogheib is apparently Christian). The crime was perpetrated by the criminals, not by all members of a certain background or ethnic group.

That said, these particular arsonists – if found guilty – did set themselves up for having their motives questioned by taping a note to the door of the school saying that the arson was “retaliation” for Israel’s assassination of Hamas leader Shiek Ahmed Yassin. In my opinion, they ought to be charged with a hate crime, not merely with arson or vandalism. Anyone who proudly trumpets hate as a motive should be punished appropriately, and a clear message should be sent that this kind of thing isn’t acceptable in Canada. I hope that, if they are indeed the guilty parties, that they go to jail for a long time.

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1 Hanthala 05.17.04 at 10:27 PM

Oh, its a hate crime, loud and clear. But I hope that wasn’t just lip service about Arabs and Muslims, Sari.


2 segacs 05.17.04 at 11:02 PM

Oh yeah, cause in all this time you’ve been hanging out here, you’ve seen that I’m so known for paying lip service… /sarcasm


3 DaninVan 05.18.04 at 2:10 AM

Velvet gloves and/or brass knuckles…


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