Yigal Amir engaged


There’s a certain category of people – mostly women – who seem to be inexplicably attracted to the scummiest of bottom-feeding scum. And nowhere is that truer than among relationships between prisoners (often murderers on death row, or sadistic serial killers, for example) and the people who love and even marry them.

So it doesn’t surprise me too much that Yigal Amir, the assassin of Yitzchak Rabin, is engaged.

But now he’s asking permission to have kids through artificial insemination:

Yigal Amir, assassin of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, plans to ask the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday to allow him and his fianc e, Larisa Trimbobler, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, and a divorced mother of four, to have children through artificial insemination if the court forbids them from holding conjugal visits, Channel 2 reported.

Amir is serving a life sentence for assassinating Rabin in 1995, while his brother, Hagai, is serving a 16-year jail term for complicity in the murder.

Amir’s attorney Shmuel Kasper said his client will ask the court to be permitted to marry and to hold conjugal visits, but if his requests are denied he will ask to be allowed to undergo artificial insemination, a request the prosecution will have difficulty arguing against since there is no apparent security risk in donating sperm.

In fact, it would seem an odd request, if one didn’t know that Amir is an ultra-religious wingnut who believed that killing Rabin was the “will of G-d”. Words fail me to describe the level of contempt in which I hold pond scum like him. But at any rate, his twisted religious mind somehow had a foundation in Jewish law, which dictates that he should “be fruitful and multiply”. And I guess this poor idiotic woman is willing to help him out.

In my opinion, he shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. But I don’t see how the courts would realistically deny him this right. That’s democracy for you… you can assassinate a Prime Minister and still get married and have children. Sometimes things just seem backwards.

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1 josh 05.17.04 at 6:02 PM

Do you really believe in this ‘lone assassin’ idea?
You might not care too much about ‘conspiracies’ especially when a theory is dubbed a conspiracy and therefore somehow rendering it totally illegitimate, but you should read what Barry Chamish has dug up about the death of Rabin.
Even Rabin’s family wants the investigation and rigged ‘Shamgar commission’ reopened.
Read http://www.barrychamish.com a few paragraphs down.
‘Pond scum’ was allowed to get close to Rabin. ‘Pond scum’s close friend was Avishai Raviv, agent provacateur. ‘Pond scum’ could have easily walked free with the numerous holes presented at his trial, but struggled at every chance to have aquitting evidence ignored.


2 Hanthala 05.17.04 at 10:25 PM

Eeekh. That section of Israeli society is already reproducing too quickly.


3 DaninVan 05.18.04 at 2:02 AM

Spice Girl; heh…They’ve found a way around the 9 month hurdle?


4 Knave 05.19.04 at 7:30 AM

Do you really believe in this ‘lone assassin’ idea?

About as much as I believe we landed on the moon.


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