Mumbai bombings


There have been two bombings in Mumbai, India. At least 46 are dead and over 100 injured:

One of the blasts occurred near the colonial-era Gateway to India monument — a famous landmark and popular tourist attraction — during lunch-hour.

Another blast struck in or close to one of the city’s main Hindu temples.

The explosive devices were inside the trunks of two taxis, police said.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blasts, which occurred during the busy lunch time period, but police say they suspect militant Islamic groups who have been blamed in the past for several bomb attacks in Mumbai.

The reaction of the news media seems to be less shock than tiredness, with the whole religious conflict that has cost far too many lives already and threatens to cost many more. The latest flare-up seems to be the release of an archaeological report about a Muslim mosque site that Hindus claim used to hold a Hindu temple. But this is yet another chapter in the seemingly endless saga.

And of course, if it’s not the Middle East, then it doesn’t get front page attention. Maybe it takes an incident like this for the world to notice. Cold comfort to the families of the killed and injured.

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