More bombings in Bali


In a horrifying scene of deja-vu, terrorist bombings in Bali murdered 26 people today at tourist resorts:

The blasts struck the seaside area of Jimbaran Bay and the bar and shopping hub of Kuta, 30 kilometers (19 miles) away at about 8 p.m. Saturday night (8 a.m. ET).

In addition to the 26 fatalities, hospital officials said 102 people were wounded. One of those who died was a 16-year-old Australian boy, officials said, while South Koreans, Americans, Japanese and Britons were among those wounded.

Though there have not been any claims of responsibility, it looks like this was just the latest work of suicide bombers from Jemaah Islamiyah, the Al Qua’eda-affiliated terrorist group in Indonesia.

Have we lost our capacity to be shocked at these occurrances? Three years ago, the world recoiled in horror when bombs in Bali killed 202 people, mostly Australian tourists. But since then, countless attacks have occurred: Kenya, Riyadh, Madrid, Istanbul, Taba, Moscow, London… where will the list end?

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1 DaninVan 10.02.05 at 5:50 PM

The news seems to suggest that foreign travel to Bali is way off and that Travel Agents are actively discouraging and/or refusing to take bookings for Bali. This is exactly what the terrorists are trying to achieve; removal of Westerners and their influence from Bali plus nobody watching the atrocities committed against the local populace by the Islamic terrorist group Jemaa Islamia.
But hey, what do I know from killing infidels?


2 John Palubiski 10.03.05 at 2:47 PM

Why build when you can destroy, eh!

A couple of years ago I read somewhere about how extremist clerics in some parts of Inodnesia were pushing Islam *hard* on locals, encouraging women them to dress “Arab” and discouraging people from enjoying Hindu based Javanese culture like the Ramayana and shadow pupet theatre, and the like.

The artical went on to state that some Indonesian “muslims” ( about 650,000), rather than abandon their traditional culture had chosen, instead, to chuck Islam and revert to Hinduism

Majority Hindu Bali is successful and prosperous, but success and prosperity, it seems, are enemies of Allah.

Life too, I guess.


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