What Reuters bias?


Let’s examine this morning’s headline: Sharon, Abbas talk as Israel suspends offensive.

Israel suspends offensive???

Sounds like a Palestinian offensive to me:

But in three days, Palestinians have fired 5 Qassam missiles, six anti-tank rockets and a half dozen mortar shells at Israeli military and civilian targets outside its borders. Israel army patrols were shot at five times.

Anyway, it was my understanding of the word “offensive” that it applied to the people trying to attack and destroy a country, not to those trying to defend one.

But silly me, I guess Reuters knows best.

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1 DaninVan 10.02.05 at 5:39 PM

“Abbas called Sharon with greetings for the Jewish New Year, which starts at sundown on Monday. Sharon expressed best wishes for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, starting this week.”


“Happy Ramadan you little #@#*&%%$ !”


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