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According to Elana S., I was the Site of the Day on

I guess now would be a good time to re-state my positions on certain issues: Pro-choice, against religion in public schools, pro-gun control, and pro-social programs.

I will resist being labelled until the end!

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1 Stuart Rothman 01.22.03 at 5:59 PM

Labels are for jars 🙂


2 Steve Brandon 01.23.03 at 12:21 AM

Eh… I disagree with most of those items (depends which social programs) and wear the “right wing bastard” label proudly (okay, I labelled myself), but, as long as you’re pro-Israel and anti-CSU, you’re gold in my book.


3 Holly 01.24.03 at 5:06 AM

Nice to see someone defending supporters of Israel from the “social left.”

I proudly wear the “bleeding heart liberal” label (Hey, Steve! We’re a matched set!), but I can’t join my fellow “liberals” in supporting Middle Eastern extremism and its apologists in the West.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who supports the rights of Western women, gay people, and religious minorities to control their own destinies ought not to support regimes in which those very same groups are brutally repressed. Thanks for your moral clarity!


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