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3 million dollars

That’s how much extra the Montreal Jewish Community has to raise this year to pay for extra security at local Jewish schools and campuses:

Sylvain Abitbol, president of Montreal’s Federation of Jewish Community Services, said the arson attack [at U.T.T.], “combined with the defacing of many of our cemeteries and the rise in anti-Semitism in the world, led us to decide to raise the security level at our schools.”

Security agents will patrol the community’s 22 schools and 40 campuses at a cost of three million dollars (2.3 million US). The Jewish community is raising money to pay for the extra security.

“I worry for Montreal, but it is obvious that there are worries at the national level and my colleagues in other cities are asking themselves the same questions,” Abitbol said. “They all are considering the same type of measures.”

Will the money be raised? Of course – and then some. It’s going to be the theme of this year’s annual Federation CJA campaign, and the community is sure to be generous.

But just because they will succeed in raising the money doesn’t make it right. That $3 million should be spent on pressing community needs, such as helping the poor, seniors, social programs, advocacy, and Israel support. Not on security guards to make sure that nobody tries again to blow up our elementary schools.

I find it sad that the community needs to foot the bill. I find it even sadder that schools need security guards in the first place. This isn’t the Canada I know and love.

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  • just a guy 08.21.04, 9:51 PM

    The good news is that montreal’s jewish population is on the decline while the muslim/arab population is increasing. VERY GOOD!!! One day nothing will be left to protect.

    “In Montreal, 80,390 cited Jewish ethnic origins in 2001, a drop of 11 per cent from 1996, when the figure was 89,905. Jews are now the city’s 7th largest ethnic group.”


    Note by Siteowner: considered editing but decided to leave as an example

  • segacs 08.21.04, 10:22 PM

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mr. “some of my best friends are Jewish” Just a Guy aka antisemite extraordinaire.

  • cliff from montreal 08.22.04, 4:06 AM

    Hey Just a Guy, thanks for pointing out just how hateful and mean-spirited an asshole you are! Keep up the good work! On one hand,I am relieved that my contact with you will prove to be very limited,while one the other,it gives me great satisfaction knowing that you have to live with yourself 24/7.

  • DaninVan 08.22.04, 5:10 AM

    If he looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then his posts surely must be guano. Can we just ignore this pathetic little troll, folks.

  • just a guy 08.22.04, 8:22 AM

    Sari, I love You.

  • DaninVan 08.22.04, 5:12 PM



  • just a guy 08.23.04, 3:58 AM

    First: I am not muslim. But I like the muslim/islamic culture a lot.
    The world will become more and more islamic. That’s a fact that you, the racists against the mulims, will need to accept.

    Malia: How many muslims in India? More than 100 millions. Sooner or later muslims will rule India.

    Jews: How many muslims in Israel? 1 million and growing. In fact, islam is the fastest growing religion INSIDE Israel.

    Jews are being assimilated outside Israel and they will be outnumbered by muslim within another 3-4 generations inside Israel.

    Those are FACTS that you cannot deny.

  • segacs 08.23.04, 4:45 AM

    I’m warning all of you: express your opinions without racist slurs or else you’ll be banned.

  • DaninVan 08.23.04, 5:38 AM

    Is calling someone a troll racist?

  • cliff from montreal 08.23.04, 6:07 AM

    Just a Guy,
    Keep it up.You do a great job of proving to us once more that we are right and you are wrong!

  • ScottAdler 08.23.04, 6:35 AM

    Just a guy —

    Just what do you admire about Arab-Islamic society? “Honour killings” — or child marriages?

    Economic stagnation? Cultural deepfreeze? The Sixth Century?

    Or war — relentless, endless war?

  • segacs 08.23.04, 2:45 PM

    *Rolls eyes*

    Warnings going unheeded so obviously my message is not getting through. If you come here and find your post has been edited and deleted, take it as a sign that I’m talking about you.

    My next step will be to start banning people. I don’t want to play the censor but I will if I have to so cut it out.

  • Malia 08.23.04, 9:37 PM

    What was racist about my post? Please explain because I have no idea what you are talking about!

    You are such a liar. I know what you’re about.

  • Joe 08.23.04, 11:46 PM

    The muslim community of montreal should pay for the security.

  • Ikram 08.24.04, 1:32 AM

    Joe — The two guys who burned down part of a Jewish school were Muslim and Catholic. I suppose we could call upon the Catholic community to pay for the security as well.

    Alternatively, the Jewish day-school system could be placed under public jurisdiction, and all taxpayers could carry the weight. This may result in some minor curricula changes, but some religious character could be maintained (we do have taxpayer funded Catholic schools in Ontario). And public oversight may encourage non-Jews to attend Jewish schools in Quebec, which would be a good thing all around.

  • segacs 08.24.04, 1:56 AM

    Ikram, being a product of the Quebec Jewish school system myself, I can tell you that your idea – though nice in theory – would be very difficult to make practical. Us students had large blocks of religious classes that we took in addition to the regular ministry requirements of English, French, math, science, social studies, etc. In fact, most of the grads from the Jewish school get top marks in the secular subjects year after year. Plus, we spend between a third to a half of our academic careers in classes given entirely in Hebrew – a requirement that is daunting, to say the least, for people not fluent in the language. While that doesn’t preclude outside interest, I can’t imagine a non-Jewish, non-Hebrew-speaking student putting themself through all that – especially in the years in which most kids would rather be anywhere but in a classroom.

  • just a guy 08.24.04, 3:52 AM

    Sari, Do you really have to apply CRTC-like rules to this BLOG. Please, insults should be alright. Don’t be too serious !!!!

  • DaninVan 08.24.04, 5:25 AM

    There WEREN’T any personal attacks before a certain troll magically appeared. Ok, some spirited exchanges maybe; but not blatant…
    I’m thinking Robert has found your Blog, Sari.

  • segacs 08.24.04, 5:34 AM

    What the hey? It was gettin dull around here…

  • Malia 08.25.04, 12:06 AM

    Sari or segacs,
    Again I’ll ask my question, what was so racist about my previous post? “Guy” has written a lot worse than me. I have a nagging suspicion that Hanthala has taken over this blog. Yikes!

  • DaninVan 08.25.04, 5:20 AM

    Malia; Hanthala is transgendered?!

  • just a guy 08.25.04, 12:58 PM

    Again. Who is Hanthala ???

    I am single and I might be interested.

  • DaninVan 08.25.04, 2:23 PM

    There’s a reason you’re single.

  • Malia 08.25.04, 11:11 PM

    There are so many reasons “guy” is single not just one! Why did you ask me about Hanthala being transgendered?

  • Puck 09.02.04, 10:43 PM

    To get back on topic, I really doubt all the extra money raised will go to school security. The MJC has taken a page from Bush’s tactics in order to raise more money. Take a single incident and blow it up to make people feel like they are under constant siege by the inhuman outsiders, otherwise known as anti-semites or terrorists. The states have used a variety of culprits in the past such as muslims, drug-lords, communists, etc. They are always a large, vaguely defined group that is to be feared. No one should question any actions taken by authorities against these villians. For example, will extra security really do anything beyond making the students more scared?

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