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It’s come to this

After her army service and before starting university, an Israeli friend of mine worked for a while as a security guard at elementary schools.

All the schools have armed guards now in Israel, for obvious reasons. They guard entranceways, check bags of people going in, and basically stay on the alert for anything suspicious. It’s sad but necessary. And as much as I hated my friend’s choice of job, it did pay better than waitress or gas station attendant… and let’s face it, these days it wasn’t really any more dangerous. But as much as I love Israel, I was grateful that I live in safe, secure Canada, where schools don’t need security guards.

Not anymore.

This morning, on my regular drive to work, I passed by a local Jewish elementary school, as I do every day. Yesterday was the first day of classes after Passover for the students there, and I didn’t notice anything in particular since I went into the office very early. But today, I drove by while the kids were out in the schoolyard for recess. And in addition to the teachers at their regular posts inside the schoolyard fence, I couldn’t help but see the security guard standing just outside. He was wearing a big jacket saying “SECURITY” in huge letters, and wearing an earpiece, and he was watching the traffic and all the people around the school with an alert, hardened look in his eyes.

He was the only guard I saw, but there may have been others. I understand why it’s necessary. The U.T.T. firebombing makes extra security a necessity. From the parents’ point of view, the more the better – anything to protect their kids.

But it also saddens me immensely that it’s come to this. That here, in safe secure Montreal, we need security at elementary schools to prevent sickos with agendas from attacking children.

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  • peter 04.16.04, 7:36 PM

    The Arab community of Montreal should pay for these security guards.

  • DaninVan 04.16.04, 8:02 PM


  • Hanthala 04.16.04, 9:35 PM

    And the Jewish community for security at the Mosques? What a load of crap.

  • Realist 04.16.04, 11:19 PM

    I actually honestly don’t believe it is necessary to have those guards in montreal. In Israel yes, but all the anti-semitic acts in Canada have been juvenile thuggery.

    That being said, I really hope it doesn’t escalate to the point where guards will actually do more than just make parents feel more comfortable.

  • DaninVan 04.16.04, 11:31 PM

    Hey! Hanthala’s back.
    What do the mosques need security for; their members are apparently already al Qaeda trained.

  • segacs 04.17.04, 1:02 AM

    all the anti-semitic acts in Canada have been juvenile thuggery

    Burning down a library isn’t mere juvenile thuggery. Someone firebombed the school… and left a note warning it wouldn’t be empty next time. If they didn’t take that sort of threat seriously, the schools would be guilty of gross negligence.

  • Anonymous 04.18.04, 12:30 AM

    I’m glad to hear that this is happening: the notion that it’s needed makes me sick, but I would rather be made uncomfortable in this way than have to hear that kids have been hurt.

    It’s clear that elements of the Muslim community in Montreal are encouraging their followers to threaten or hurt these kids, and until that stops, I hope that they’re well protected.

    I do think it’s a pity that the guards are being paid for by the schools, however…but there’s no other alternative, since I guess that the Canadian government can’t help pay for guards at a private school…

  • Hanthala 04.19.04, 2:04 AM

    Hey Danin, there isn’t usually much reporting on it, but mosques get vandalized too, regurlarly. And i bet by the same people.

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