The backwards argument: security for pro-Israel speakers


A group of students at Virginia Commonwealth University called Supporters of a Safe Israel is trying to bring Daniel Pipes to speak on campus. But here’s the catch: because of fear of violence, riots, and general security breakdowns for any pro-Israel event on a university campus these days, the group would need to pay for extra security in order to get permission for the event to go ahead. Meryl is trying to help them raise money, which is all very well and good and I’m sure that if you want to help out you can check out her posting and do so:

A student group called Supporters of a Safe Israel at Virginia Commonwealth University wants to bring Daniel Pipes to VCU for a lecture. However, due to the current anti-Israel climate on many college campuses, whenever a group brings a pro-Israel speaker, the colleges demand extra security due to the protests and controversy that will ensue.

SSI needs to raise an extra $5,000, and they’ve only got about a month.

To those of us who remember the Netanyahu riot at Concordia, this argument is somewhat familiar… only that it goes even further. VCU requires the pro-Israel students to pay extra, but still allows their events to take place if they do. The argument at Concordia after September 9, 2002 went something like this: “Well, bringing Netanyahu was such a security risk that the university should have never allowed him to come in the first place”.

Either way, it’s backwards. The reason that pro-Israel speakers require extra security is because of a group of shit-disturbers who think that rioting is the new black. They are not content to merely voice their disagreements with opposing viewpoints; they believe in using any means necessary – including and especially violence – to shut them down. And they are the reason extra security is required in the first place.

If you ask me, it’s the groups who organize the riots who should have to fund extra security. After all, if they stuck to peaceful demonstration tactics – similar to those used by pro-Israel groups protesting anti-Israel speakers – no extra security would be needed.

Because if the rioters have their way, it will become prohibitively expensive to bring any pro-Israel speaker to a university campus. And then they will have accomplished their goal of shutting down the views they don’t like. Rioting will have won. And that, to me, is unacceptable.

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1 Vancouver Eric 03.19.04 at 7:24 PM

This is all well and good, but obviously the rioters won’t be willing pay for extra security since they’re trying to shut down the speaker to begin with.


2 segacs 03.19.04 at 9:09 PM

The organizers of whatever rioting or security violation ensues should get a nice big fat bill after it’s all over. Maybe they’ll think twice about destruction of property if they have to actually PAY for it.

Or maybe not. But it’s a nice idea in theory…


3 Hanthala 03.19.04 at 10:41 PM

I think its fair. Ask the MSA at Concordia. They have to pay extra security for ALL events, cuz, you know, a bunch of Muslims getting together….


4 Knave 03.19.04 at 11:36 PM

Of course, I don’t remember Hillel ever rioting to shut down a speaker for the MSA…


5 Peter 03.20.04 at 12:29 AM

Islam is such a peaceful religion.


6 DaninVan 03.20.04 at 2:13 AM

How ’bout students posting a $1,000 peace bond upon registering for programs at any Canadian University, and any Student organization posting a $50,000 bond to be held by the administration until such time as the org. wants to close up shop.
You riot, you lose your bond and you get bounced from Univ., sounds workable to me…
The only other issue is the speakers. Sell tickets to the event which must be held indoors in an auditorium. lecture hall, etc. that way the attendees can be controlled and the only issue is security outside the facility—-see para #1.


7 Malia 03.20.04 at 3:16 AM

Peter, I hope you are not being sarcastic because Islam is definately a religion of peace and tolerance. There is freedon of religion in all Muslim countries. Look at all the Churches and Temples built in Muslim countries. There is so much tolerance for the infidels.
Women have equal rights and are allowed to dress any way they want and are not oppressed at all.
As far as Israel the Jews are to blame for all the violence there. The so-called Palestinians are the most loving peaceful people around. They are always attacked by the IDF while they are singing peaceful folk songs.
In spite of this they teach their children to love the terrible Jews. The word hate is not in their vocabluary. They would never dress their children as suicide bombers because to them violence is wrong.
Remeber Islam is a religion of tolerance and love. And anyone who syas otherwise is a racist!



8 DaninVan 03.20.04 at 5:10 PM

I love sarcasm first thing on a Saturday morning. It just gets me going; bettern’


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