No more free passes


There was another suicide bombing in Israel earlier today. Two soldiers and one bystander were wounded:

The Aksa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility for the bombing at the army-run office near the Misila roadblock that issues travel permits to Palestinians for humanitarian reasons.

Of course, in the “if it bleeds, it leads” cynicism of the media, no deaths means no headlines.

And when suicide bombers are caught and stopped by Israeli forces before getting a chance to blow up innocent people, we hear about it even less. Then there’s all this nonsense about the roadblocks and security fences being useless at preventing terrorist attacks.

That’s just plain ridiculous. The terrorists who strap on bombs and go out seeking victims plainly have the same intent, no matter their level of success. I’m thankful that they’re stopped and prevented from doing more harm. And I hope that the soldier who was seriously wounded in today’s attack pulls through.

But no more free passes for attempted murder.

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1 Peter 10.10.03 at 6:08 AM

I just got back from a pro-Israel rally at Rutgers University. The governor of New Jersey spoke as well as both New Jersey senators and some congressmen including one from Alabama! The forces of evil are having a divestment conference at the campus this weekend so the local Hillel sponsered the rally is fighting back with a campaign called “Israel Inspires”.


2 segacs 10.10.03 at 3:42 PM

Hey Peter, thanks for the heads-up. Glad to hear Hillel at Rutgers is being pro-active.


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