The news I’d been dreading


In a deceptive period of quiet in Israel, it was easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Simple to believe that no attacks meant that the attackers weren’t trying. Which, of course, is nonsense: the security fence and the IDF raids was merely doing their jobs at prevention.

Today, there was a breach. And a double bus bombing in Be’ersheva that has left 12 innocent people dead and at least 100 more wounded:


Two suicide bombers exploded almost simultaneously on two buses in central Be’er Sheva on Tuesday, Southern Command Police commander Dudi Cohen said.

The explosions took place on buses numbers 12 and 63, traveling opposite the municipality building on Yitzhak Riger Street at 2:55 p.m.

Magen David Adom said 12 people were killed in the attacks, all of whom died at the scene. 100 people were wounded and taken to Soroka Hospital not far from the site of the attack. Seven are listed as critical; 12 are listed as serious, and the rest of the wounded are listed in light-to moderate condition. One of those fighting for his life in Soroka’s operating theatre is a three-year-old child, Channel 1 TV reported.

Be’er Sheva is a sleepy town in the Negev, known for its college campus life, and growing due to cheaper housing than can be found in Tel Aviv. When I drove past in July, I looked out the window and saw a few soldiers sitting at a bus stop, melting in their uniforms under the hot sun. I wonder now if any of them were on bus 12 or bus 63.

Life goes on in Israel. The Israelis will mourn and move on. The Palestinians will cheer and use the “success” to recruit dozens of new terrorists willing to strap on explosives and kill more Jews. The American candidates for election will try to spin this as a political issue. The U.N., the E.U., and most of the world will stay silent.

It makes me sick. All of it. When will it end?

Update: They’re now reporting at least 15 people dead in the attacks. Israel has acted decisively, raiding the home of the Hamas terrorist who was responsible for this cowardly act of murder.

Also, I had completely forgot that Be’ersheva is Montreal’s twin city in Israel.

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1 just a palestinian 08.31.04 at 5:34 PM

ah ah ah ah ah!!!


2 Otter 08.31.04 at 6:12 PM

Build the fence, pull out of Gaza, wait for Arafat to die.

Yehiyeh b’seder…


3 Joe 08.31.04 at 8:35 PM

The entire Arab world should be held responsible for each terrorist attack commited in Israel and elsewhere, such as Chechnya. I think we should start by refusing to pay the Saudis for oil taken from Saudi Oil fields. One method could be to physically take control of oil fields and hold them in trust until Arabs realize that we are not going to appease them anymore.


4 Malia 08.31.04 at 10:30 PM

My condolences to Israel. The victims and their family are in my prayers.

“Just a “palestinian,”
Pick another group to identify with because the so-callled “Palestinians” have never existed!


5 Josh 08.31.04 at 10:55 PM

It will all ‘end’, or rather begin, when more Jews ‘come home’ and prove that Israel is more important to Jews than their comfortable lives in the west. It is just so simple.


6 Josh 09.01.04 at 8:59 PM

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