More terrorism


A suicide bombing in Moscow killed 10 and injured 51:

Russian investigators were under pressure on Wednesday to establish quickly who was behind a suicide bomb attack on a busy Moscow street that killed 10 people and injured 51.

Russian officials have made no public accusations, but the attack by a female bomber bore some hallmarks of past actions by Chechen rebels seeking independence for their Caucasus mountain region. It came a week after 90 people were killed in two simultaneous air crashes officials blame on suicide bombers.

Still waiting for the media to grant Israel the same rights to defend itself against extremist Islamist terrorism as it grants Russia.

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1 Tali 09.02.04 at 12:05 AM

Well…the media seems to be all over Russia today, at any rate.

Both CNN and the BBC are calling today’s school attackers “seperatists” rather than islamist terrorists, and both seem to be sympathetic to their cause (but not to their tactics). Yuck.


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