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Saddam hottest baby name for Palestinians

What are the hottest names for Palestinian babies these days? A Jerusalem Post report says that hundreds of parents are naming their new babies after Saddam Hussein:

According to the London-based pan-Arab daily Al-Quds al-Arabi, the favorite name for Palestinian families in the city these days is Saddam. The paper said male infants born in local hospitals in the last few days have been named Saddam in honor of the Iraqi president.

“Many Palestinians are proud of this name,” the paper’s correspondent, Ala Badarneh, reports from Nablus. “Many families are also keen on keeping posters of Saddam Hussein in their homes. Usually you would find pictures of Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat together at previous meetings between the two. Many people are buying these pictures in the market and keeping them at home.”

Nearly as disturbing was the big picture in today’s Gazette (sorry, no link) of a Palestinian mom holding her newborn daughter, named “Rachel Corrie”. I guess her mom has great hopes for her future, that she’ll run in front of a bulldozer like her namesake.

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  • mr_b2b2 03.28.03, 6:16 PM

    Rachel got the employee of the month award for performing her job correctly, protecting a bunch of terrorists from having their bunker knocked down. I think OSHA should post some warnings about the career choice of Human Shield, but I would certainly add Corrie to Darwin’s list of idiots for failing to understand the purpose of self preservation. She died, protecting terrorists of another faith and culture–she’s one of those capitulator-apologists, a genuine freak of nature, the likes of which occur randomly but seem to migrate to Concordia University. Well not for long, thanks to Evolution!

  • Jonny 03.28.03, 7:16 PM

    Rachel could be nominated for a Darwin Award.

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