“Self-righteous Diaspora lecturing”


In an article at JWR, Jonathan Tobin criticizes the “self-righteous Diaspora lecturing” coming from people outside Israel who think they know better than the Israeli leaders how to solve the Mideast problems.

American Jews are fully entitled to their opinions about Israel, its leaders and its policies. All are open to criticism. In particular, Sharon is no more above reproach than his equally flawed opponents.

But what is needed from Diaspora critics is a greater degree of humility about their views on the situation in Israel. Most Israelis I speak to have discarded ideological cant in favor of hard-headed realism. Events have caused many who once were firmly on the left and the right to re-examine their beliefs. But many American Jews seem incapable of this exercise.

By all means, let us discuss and even debate Israel’s limited options. But let us have an end to the self-righteous Diaspora lecturing that Israel neither needs nor wants.

That’s all very well and good, but I don’t think that anything will stop people from having their opinions – nor should it. As long as people keep brainstorming, maybe someone will eventually come up with a new idea. G-d knows they could use a few.

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