Suicide bombing in Netanya


More terror in Israel, as a suicide bomber in Netanya wounds at least thirty people, many of them severely.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. The organization’s secretary, Dr. Ramadan Shallah, spoke to Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite television in Damascus, saying: “This is our way of showing solidarity with the people of Iraq. ” The bombing, he added, was a “gift to the heroic Iraqi people” of Iraq and that Islamic Jihad had sent volunteers for suicide missions to Baghdad.

No matter how many times this stuff happens, it still makes me sick.

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1 mr_b2b2 03.31.03 at 3:21 AM

No matter how many times this stuff happens, thare’s always someone blaming the Jews and rationalizing for the attack. The last time I read about the horrible bombing in Haifa on this blogsite one bozo took a perfect opportunity to blame Israel and call us zionist pigs. Hopefully the IDF will take these monsters out once and for all!


2 mr_b2b2 03.31.03 at 3:22 AM

correction– thare’s(sic)= there’s


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