Toronto free of SARS


It’s official: we can’t refer to Toronto as Sarsville anymore. The WHO has declared Toronto free of SARS:

“When 20 days, or twice the incubation period, have passed without detection of a new case, the chain of human-to-human transmission is considered broken,” it added.

This is certainly good news for Toronto’s lagging economy, which may now begin to pick up again. Let’s just hope that health officials and workers don’t let their guards down too quickly, so that a repeat outbreak doesn’t materialize.

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1 Nanook 07.03.03 at 10:17 PM

If only he were an artful troll, it might be kind of humorous. But he kind of kills it — positions himself as an Islamist, then insults the Prophet Isa (as the, uh, Anti-Christ); blesses the “Arabian world”, then throws in “Africa and Latin America” (huh?) … just ain’t much fun, this one.


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