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Pro-US rally in Toronto

Canadians showed their support and friendship for our neighbours to the south today, as 1,000 people attended a pro-US rally in Toronto. Speakers included Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, and Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper:

”Canadians, friends of America – that is who we as Canadians are,” Eves told the crowd.

”Our American neighbours, our friends, our colleagues, our Allies have always supported us, they’ve protected us, they’ve helped us and they’ve stood by us and now we should be standing by them.”

Harper thanked the crowd for ”opening your hearts” and ”saying to our friends in the United States of America, you are our ally, our neighbour, and our best friend in the whole wide world.

”And when your brave men and women give their lives for freedom and democracy we are not neutral,” Harper said.

”We do not stand on the sidelines; we’re for the disarmament of Saddam and the liberation of the people of Iraq.”

Of course, the counter-protesters and hecklers showed up. And the crowd was likely smaller than anticipated due to a freezing-rain storm, and Toronto’s preoccupation with the outbreak of SARS.

Still, one can hope that this pro-US movement will gain some momentum. We’ll know it’s a true success when there’s a pro-US rally in Montreal (hah!).

Update: The Toronto Star has more, including a photo. And Friends of America, the organizer of the rally, has a link on its website to an online petition that Canadians can sign to show their support for the U.S.

Second update: See lots more pictures at InstaPundit.

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