Canadians rally to support US


Today, several pro-American and pro-war in Iraq rallies were held across Canada, the largest of which in Ottawa attracted over 5,000 people:

(Peter) Goldring said the fact that people were marching in favor of the United States on Saturday showed that a “silent majority” actually supported the war.

“We do have a new world reality following Sept. 11, and the new world reality says that we must go to root out terrorism,” he said.

More rallies are scheduled for next week, including a massive one in downtown Toronto on Friday. It’s about time that we Canadians spoke out in support of our friend and ally south of the border, who keeps doing our dirty work for us time and time again while we keep our noses clean and then criticize them.

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1 Hanthala 03.30.03 at 6:44 PM

The “silent majority” is anti-war. Prove otherwise 🙂


2 Panther 03.31.03 at 3:09 AM

The “silent majority” is pro-war. Prove otherwise 🙂


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