Twisted words


Once again, the international media is twisting the Mideast situation, reporting that Israel “rejected” a Palestinian truce offer.

Rejected, you say? Wouldn’t casual readers assume, from this headline, that the Palestinians were frantically working towards peace, but the war-loving Israelis were thwarting their efforts?

Let’s see if that’s really the case:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat wants to reach a truce with Israel, his national security adviser said Tuesday, but Israeli officials brushed aside the offer and demanded that the Palestinian Authority crack down on extremist groups.

Ohhhhh . . . so in other words, Arafat wants a truce that does not include a crackdown on extremist groups.

Meaning that the extremist groups will be allowed to continue to kill Israelis during the proposed “truce”, just like they did last time. And that the world will blame Israel’s retaliations against these attacks, instead of the attacks themselves, for breaking the truce, just like they did last time.

Well, Israel’s skepticism makes a lot more sense in that context.

And doesn’t anyone find it suspicious that Arafat is supposedly extending his hand in friendship right at the moment when he’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity among his people and in the international press, because of Israel’s threat of expelling him? This couldn’t possibly be another one of Arafat’s two-faced ploys to try to rally sympathy while simultaneously funding and encouraging terrorism, could it?

The bottom line is that a “truce” is meaningless when the Palestinians have no intention of respecting it, or of doing anything to stamp out violence. By repeatedly stating that they’re unwilling to confront and dismantle the terrorist groups, the PA is making crystal clear the kind of “truce” it has in mind. And Israel is perfectly right not to give it to them.

Hey Arafat, you want a truce? Quit sending terrorists to bomb buses and cafes. It’s really that simple. You stop doing that, and the truce will follow.

Update: A suggestion for a more accurate headline is what Ha’aretz used: “Israeli officials dismiss Arafat truce proposal as ‘deception’“.

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1 Jonny 09.17.03 at 3:11 PM

Weren’t there about five suicide bombings during the last “Palestinian cease-fire”?


2 segacs 09.17.03 at 3:33 PM

More, if you count foiled attempts.


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