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I was watching former NDP leader Alexa McDonough be interviewed on CBC Newsworld about her party’s foreign policy.

In predictable fashion, she ranted about the need to “choose” what Canada’s role would be in the world, and how “most Canadians” agree that force should only be used under the UN, and how Canada should expand its peacekeeping roles under the UN and distance itself from the “Bush administration” (the last bit was said with a disdainful sneer).

When she talked about needing to make the “choice”, I realized something: she – and many Canadians, both within the NDP and outside of it – still think that the War on Terror is a choice. They harbour the delusion that if Canada “chooses” to stay neutral, to stay out of it, that the terrorists will leave us alone.

They don’t get that we’re in a war whether we “choose” to be or not. The terrorists haven’t struck on Canadian soil – yet – but they’ve been planning to and trying to. We’re on the list of Evil Western countries, merely for being a free democracy, and none of McDonough or her ilk’s “choices” will change the fact that they have unilaterally declared war on us.

So the choice they’re really asking Canadians to make is between reality and denial.

Beyond whatever anyone’s opinion of all the NDP’s rhetoric about renegotiation free trade as “fair trade”, ending tax cuts to multinational corporations, or any of their policies… that is the choice that voters will be making on June 28th.

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1 DaninVan 06.20.04 at 3:18 AM

I wonder if they have a fallback position for WHEN the terrorists hit us.
They COULD just keep a low profile…


2 Jonny 06.21.04 at 4:35 PM

disdainful sneer? from the NDP? never.


3 stephensokoloski 04.29.05 at 8:41 PM

dear sir, your’e letter serves as a great barometer when gauging political preference across this great nation. but i must say this article of your’s proves to be filled with fallacies that the republicain administration pump out to their constituents. firstly i will tell you that i did vote for the ndp,i never expected mr layton to have the appeal necessary to win the election. i did so to split the vote and create a minority government. With the help of countless other canadians we have acheived that goal. i suppose you are a rightist conservative who would do anything to see “harpie”in power, am i correct or being presumptuous? my aunt was the incumbent pc candidate in brampton ont. so i will tell you i love you guy’s all the same.

but i am disheartened in reading your’e article on canadian foreign policy as portraied by ndp hardliners.
do you honestly beleive that the world is involved in a total war againt you see this threat and compare it to the struggles against bolshevism, communism and nazism?

what is your’e defenition of a terrorist? to me it sounds like it could only be a turban toting, coran reading jihadist according to your’e views. what about those terrorist who perform genocide against others like in sudan,rawanda the congo or in liberia? i see no world effort to save these people from the terror they face daily. see i can’t be too judgmental because i don’t know if you wrote this a month after sept 11 or if you wrote the article a day ago(the latter would scare me to death) i will say that if you feel the way you do about our disenvolvement in the war, even after the fact that the war was declared based on falsified information, then you sir are a bigger threat to this nation then the people you accuse. do you feed your kids or grandchildren this garb before they go to sleep at night?

i do not intend to be vipuretive, i’m certain you are of great character but when i read an article that is so narrow minded and full of falsehood i can’t help but be worried. why you choose the pro bush mentality you do i can’t determine, you think the way you do for a reason, but in my opinion it’s a misguided view.i know the premise of the article was to show the flaws of ndp policy but your political bias and preference permeate throughout. i had a couple good laughs at your expense, and that made my day…for which i thank you.


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