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Arab nations refuse to condemn antisemitism

European nations claim to be shocked:

Arab states at the United Nations are trying to foil a proposal to raise a vote condemning anti-Semitism in the General Assembly this September.

At a closed meeting held recently in New York, UN ambassadors from Arab and EU countries met and the Arabs made clear that they do not accept the initiative for the UN General Assembly to condemn anti-Semitism.

The blunt language used by the Arabs describing their opposition, and their plans to use diplomatic means to prevent the resolution from reaching a vote, shocked the Europeans, said a UN source.

Allison’s not shocked. Neither am I. Neither should anyone who’s been even semi-conscious in the last decade or so.

The lame reasons? They hardly even bear repeating, but for what it’s worth, here are some of the excuses:

Jordanian Ambassador to the UN Prince Ziad Hussein argued that the resolution would reinforce the tendency to call any criticism of Israel, anti-Semitic. Moroccan Ambassador Mohammed Banone, said that the seminar against anti-Semitism was a terrible idea and a decision would only divide the world body. Arab League Ambassador Mahamas Hani warned that a UN resolution condemning anti-Semitism would have a negative impact on the Middle East.

The Arab states are so blatant about their hatred of Jews that one would almost assume that they are making themselves look bad and doing their causes a disservice with how obvious they are being. But they know as well as we do that they can get away with it. After all, they’ve been getting away with it all along.

Israel has repeatedly tried to get the United Nations to pass even seemingly obvious resolutions condemning terrorism, suicide bombings, or even the targeting of civilian children. In each case, the Arab countries have blocked them from even coming to a vote. This time, the resolution is one that there doesn’t seem to be any legitimate argument against, and yet the Arab countries are again insisting that there is no place for a condemnation of antisemitism in the United Nations.

Why do we even bother? Why haven’t we written off the UN by now?

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  • Michael 11.30.-1, 12:00 AM

    I’ve written off the UN. As far as I am concerned, they are occupying valuable NYC real estate. It simply might be better to move them all to Riyadh.

  • DaninVan 07.28.04, 4:54 PM

    So, Hanthala, do you have an opinion (on this)?

  • Jonny 07.28.04, 11:27 PM

    what Michael said.

  • Josh 07.29.04, 8:37 PM

    ‘Um-shmum’ is the famous quote.

    Kofi Annan should be held responsible for a lot of the ‘crimes against humanity’ happening on his watch, especially all the genocide, massacres, mass raping, and female circumcision in his own dearest Africa.

    I hope that each tribe gets to wait in line to skin him alive when he leaves his General pooba post.

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