Basra bombing


Today’s suicide bombing in Iraq killed 68 people including 17 children. It was most likely Al Qa’eda’s handiwork:

“They just blew up innocent Iraqis,” Bush told reporters in Washington after the almost simultaneous car bombs hit three police stations in Basra and two more struck a police academy in Zubair, a mainly Sunni town 15 miles further south.

No excuses about occupation can justify the murder of innocent children. This is disgusting.

Also today, another suspected Al Qa’eda attack – this one in Riyadh:

A suspected al Qaeda suicide car bomber destroyed a security forces building in the Saudi capital Wednesday, killing four people and wounding 148 in the first major attack on a government target.

The attacks are happening because Al Qa’eda is fighting a war that the world seems determined to deny exists. You can’t negotiate with a group whose only acceptable endgame is having you and your entire way of life eradicated. They’re not attacking the “occupation” of Iraq or the U.S. interests in Saudi Arabia; they’re attacking the potential for democracy in the Middle East. They’re scared as hell that democracy might take root or even become a success someplace in the Arab world. And they’re determined to do everything and anything to stop it.

Israel’s security fence is doing a good interim job of cutting down on attacks within its borders. But we can’t build a wall around the entire world. No, sooner or later this war will need to be fought and won.

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