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The hottest tickets in town

Fans camped out last night for Habs tickets for round 2 of the playoffs, which went on sale today at noon.

The Admission site was busy all day, and so were the phone lines. The tickets, selling at ridiculously inflated prices, sold out within an hour or two. Even the furthest seats were all gone by mid-afternoon, for all three games – including game 6, which may not even happen.

Who woulda thought that the Habs would be in round 2 while the Sens and Canucks would be at home licking their wounds? There’s no denying that hockey fever is in the air here in Montreal, and some fans are even looking ahead to the finals and even the Cup.

Still, Tampa Bay is no walk in the park. They were the #1 team in the league during the season, and they knocked over the Islanders as though they were, well, the Rangers. The Canadiens have their work cut out for them.

Here’s hoping we can rise to the challenge. Go Habs!

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  • Hanthala 04.25.04, 1:35 AM

    Yeah, well, if they keep playing like last nite, I’d say those fans wasted their time. But of course, they won’t. Go Habs Go!

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