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Bono praises Martin

Behind door number one, we have the world’s favourite rock-star-cum-politician, with the world’s most recognizable dark classes:

Behind door number two, we have Canada’s most recognizable number-two man who is now acting as number one.

Bono praised Paul Martin for his efforts to fight AIDS on an international scale:

Irish rocker Bono praised Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin for leading the developed world in efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and poverty in the developing world.

A beaming Martin, who is expected to announce in the next 10 days that a general election will be held in June, laughed as Bono quipped: “I am not here to elect Mr. Martin.”

But pressed on political issues, Bono gave Martin a strong endorsement, insisting “this politician has kept his promises to me … so far.”

I know: come election time, let’s all vote for Bono! After all, he’s “Even Better than the Real Thing”.

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  • Josh 05.13.04, 3:51 PM

    AIDS is still the most unproportionally overblown disease.
    More people in the world die in the span of a few hours from cancer as opposed to AIDS fatalities over a whole year.
    More people and families are affected by cancer than those by AIDS. I’m not saying to not fund AIDS research (even though we sort of know 100% how to prevent it) but why not invest a bit more in something that is still virtually unknown, than something that we know how to prevent in the first place?

  • Josh 05.13.04, 3:59 PM

    and I’m still waiting for rock stars and celebrities to start promoting diabetes, MD, MS, and cancer research causes. Or aren’t these not cool enough.
    Bono, please go home.
    I remember Bono at the U2 concert (98?) in Tel Aviv preaching that ‘we’ take up the cause of an important ‘political’ prisoner in Israeli jail (at the time). He revealed the name ‘Vanunu’ and not one shout of support or even polite applause could be heard from the crowd.
    I use to love U2 and go to the overpriced concerts but since then the respect deteriorates from year to year.

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