Martin caves to NDP bribery


Is it just me, or are our politicians holding a contest these days for “most spineless”?

Martin may succumb to Layton’s blackmail by agreeing to defer corporate tax cuts in the federal budget in exchange for a promise for the NDP to support the budget:

The apparent concession came just hours after Prime Minister Paul Martin appeared to shut the door to NDP Leader Jack Layton’s demand that the cuts be scrapped. “We are prepared to discuss the possible deferral of the corporate tax measures,” the source said.

Martin’s fighting for his political life, so it’s obvious why he’s doing this. But the NDP doesn’t hold enough seats to prop up the Liberals if everyone else votes against. Martin will probably learn the hard way that Layton’s life raft is made of lead.

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1 DaninVan 04.26.05 at 6:01 AM

I could swear we’ve been down this road before or am I imagining things.
If the NDP climbs into bed with the Liberals and the Gomery inquiry confirms the worst of the charges against the Liberals then the sh*ts going to stick to the NDP as well; they’ll be seen as the amoral opportunists that they are.
….just my opinion of course, and I’m a little biased, eh?


2 segacs 04.26.05 at 6:14 AM

As far as I’m concerned, the NDP has been exposed as a bunch of moral opportunists for ages. Hasn’t seemed to bother their voters.

I’m more concerned about the problems with our democratic system that allow the party that came in fourth (i.e. dead last among the major parties) to dictate government policy. We as a country elected the Liberals, not the NDP.


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