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All sedered out

Whew, what a weekend! Three seders – yep, count ’em, three. Dozens of relatives. More food than some small countries consume in a year. I’m exhausted, and all I had to do was show up. I honestly don’t know how my Mom manages to do all that cooking, planning and organizing and still have time left over to bake me a sponge cake. Thanks, Mom!

Meryl has some reflections on the joys and hassles of her seders. I agree with her on the cakes – much better this year – and also on the wine. I can’t stand that cream concord stuff either. It tastes like cough syrup. We drank it on the first night, and I could barely get through the first cup. The kosher Italian dry white that we had last night wasn’t half bad, though.

Imshin shares some seder musings as well, including thoughts about the massive quantities of food. If there’s one thing that Jewish people all over the world have in common, it’s that we all cook and eat way too much on holidays.

Now that the seders are over, we can all get back to our daily Passover lives: Eating leftovers and complaining about the food.

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