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Bush won the debate

Or so it seems according to the latest Reuters poll that is now giving him a 4-point lead over Kerry, after being virtually neck-and-neck beforehand.

This is an amazing feat for a President who has stumbled his way through these debates, doing a convincing job of making it look like he was being fed the answers from offstage. The wide-eyed surprise, the long pauses, the stumbles… sure, that’ll win him a debate.

But it has. Because Kerry has fought this entire campaign on the basis that people should elect him because he’s not Bush. That’s been fine and dandy for attracting the “we’d rather vote for Hitler than Bush” crowd… but hasn’t done much to sway the undecideds.

I’m no particular fan of Bush, but it’s looking a lot like four more years are coming up. In this, an election that the Democratic candidate should have won in a cakewalk. The Democrats will have nobody to blame for a loss but themselves.

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  • Tali 10.15.04, 8:47 PM

    Segacs – wait for the electoral-college numbers.

    National polls are meaningless in a US election. Polls this week that are broken sown by state show Kerry behind by a margin small enough that the outcome on Colorado’s electoral-college-deligate-split ballot proposition might determine the presidency.

    I agree that we are looking at a Bush win, but not because of one national Reuters poll. The election is now a dead heat, and dead heats favor Republicans, who have older voters more likely to show up on the day. Democratic voters skew younger and are therefore less likely to turn out. In swing states with small margins, that could determine the outcomes.

  • Jonny 10.15.04, 11:34 PM

    I’m pretty convinced Bush will win.

  • Anonymous 10.16.04, 7:17 PM

    ” In this, an election that the Democratic candidate should have won in a cakewalk”

    Why should the Dems have won it in a cakewalk?

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