With all the priorities out there for our tax dollars – health, education, infrastructure – it looks like the new big priority is investigating Don Cherry:

Don Cherry’s recent remarks about Francophones have launched a government investigation.

An aide to Dyane Adam revealed Wednesday that the official languages commissioner is investigating Cherry’s comments about francophones aired during the Jan. 24 instalment of Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night In Canada.

Cherry, who turned 70 on Thursday, was discussing the merits of protective visors as mandatory equipment in the NHL when he said: “Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys.”

I don’t watch Don Cherry. I find him obnoxious. But millions of Canadians disagree with me, and he’s somewhat of a national icon of political incorrectness… not to mention bad wardrobes. So what was it about those remarks that were so offensive as to necessitate an Official Languages Commissioner investigation?

Mind you, the Official Languages office is pretty much the champion of squandering tax dollars on pettiness. That is, next to the OLF. (Anyone remember the dreaded unilingual matza ball?)

As to Don Cherry, I think a caller on the radio this morning put it best when he said that “using tax dollars to investigate Don Cherry is like commissioning the Canadian Space Agency to investigate the House of Commons for signs of intelligent life”.

‘Nuff said.

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1 Jon K 02.06.04 at 1:51 AM

The big investigation should be into him saying ‘aboot’ in one of his coach’s corner slots


2 Hanthala 02.16.04 at 1:21 AM

Or the westmount dog who had to be retrained to understand french commands cuz the neighbours complained? Yeah, had enough of the OLF myself.


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