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Demerger results: update

Well, the demerger results are mostly in now. Radio-Canada has the breakdown with cute little traffic lights. Looks like 15 of 22 are out of the Montreal megacity. There were less demergers in other regions.

Stay tuned for the political fallout.

Update: As predicted, both sides are claiming victory:

“I think the word is jubilation that one would apply to what is going on right now in Westmount,” said Peter Trent, former mayor of [Westmount].

And Gerard Tremblay is playing the spinning game, trying to see the silver lining:

“Montreal is bigger and stronger than it was before,” he said, noting that places like Anjou, St-Laurent, Pierrefonds, LaSalle and Roxboro, which weren’t part of Montreal before the forced mergers, now are.

Two of those lost their bids by tiny margins. And all of them had a majority Yes vote, but failed to get the 35% required. If I were Tremblay I wouldn’t be so proud that most voters wanted out.

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