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Googlebomb success

Proof that Internet and website campaigns can make a difference (via Israpundit):

When you search for the word “Jew” in Google, you no longer get an antisemitic hate site as the top result. Thanks to a web campaign to create links like Jew and Jew, those two sites are now ranked 1-2. The aforementioned hate site has dropped to third, plus when you click on it, you get a message saying the person’s account has been suspended.

Individual site owners may not feel like they have much power, but when everyone works together, things can change for the better. It’s encouraging.

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  • Scottadler 04.19.04, 10:37 AM

    Check again… “Jew watch” is still number one!

    Nazis are probably linking to it.

  • segacs 04.20.04, 3:47 AM

    It wasn’t number 1 when I checked. And the page was suspended by its ISP.

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