Hamas running scared


Oh, there’s the usual calls for revenge for Rantisi’s assassination… and far be it for me to take them lightly, given the number of innocent Israeli deaths that Hamas has caused. But the fence seems to be doing its job, and we haven’t seen the promised large-scale revenge for Yassin’s death as of yet (thank G-d) and in general, people seem to be a lot less worried this time around. Easy for me to say cause I don’t live in Israel, but the current Maariv poll is running 69% in favour of continuing to target the Hamas leadership, and the editorials don’t seem nearly as full of predictions of doom as they were after Yassin was killed.

In the meantime, the assassinations are having their desired effect it seems, because Hamas is running scared. They’ve appointed but refused to name their new leader, because they’re afraid he will also be assassinated. Of course, having secret leadership means it’s harder for them to turn their leader into a politician within the Palestinian community, or into a public figure. It means the Israeli policy is making them afraid. It means it’s working.

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1 DaninVan 04.18.04 at 7:25 PM

As I said on Damian’s blog, they’ll have to resort to using a cover name (ie ‘The Jackal’). That’ll work as long as they’re only interested in terrorism but I don’t think any foreign political type
would risk the public humiliation of meeting him.


2 josh 04.18.04 at 9:56 PM

Shows how successful the Israelis have been at getting the ‘smart’ Hamas leaders.
There’s no point in keeping the new Grand Pooba’s name secret. Israeli intelligence probably already knows it before they do and in the next few days it’ll be all over the news.
The king Nazi is dead, let the new king Nazi die too.


3 Jonny 04.20.04 at 10:24 PM

Ding Dong… the wicked witch is dead.


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