Terrorist leader killed


LGF has the breaking news, starting to come over the wires that the founder and “spiritual leader” of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin was the target of an IDF strike. Haaretz is reporting that Yassin was killed by the strike:

Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles at Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin as he left a mosque near his house at daybreak Monday, residents said, and Hamas officials and witnesses said he was killed.

This is big. Huge, in fact. Yassin was personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Israelis. It’s the Israeli equivalent of getting Osama. Bigger, because of the power jockeying that’s going on between the Palestinian terror groups. In that war, Hamas has just been dealt a full-on body blow.

Of course, Hamas supporters are vowing revenge. And unfortunately, the revenge is likely to be more than just empty threats. The PA is also screaming about this, calling Yassin a “moderate”:

The Palestinian Authority on Monday condemned the assassination. “This is a crazy and very dangerous act. It opens the door wide to chaos. Yassin is known for his moderation and he was controlling Hamas and therefore this is a dangerous, cowardly act,” said Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

It is precisely the fact that the Palestinian Authority can call Yassin a man “known for his moderation” that sheds a lot of light on what “moderation” means in Palestinian society.

My heart goes out to all the people who will likely suffer as Hamas supporters take their “revenge” for the murder of this terrorist. But ultimately, Yassin didn’t even come close to getting what he deserved. Death was far, far too good for him.

Update: CNN, CBC, and BBC all have the story. The BBC, of course, has its typical reaction:

As well as the possibility of reprisals by Hamas militants, the killing could affect diplomatic efforts to get the peace process back on track, says our correspondent.

What peace process?

This news is just emerging, so we are only starting to see some of the “analysis” that is sure to follow in the coming hours and days. But the BBC is also asking for reader reactions… that ought to be interesting sickening.

Update #2: First reaction from Gaza U – er – Concordia.

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1 Peter 03.22.04 at 7:47 AM

Congratulations IAF on a job well done. This should put Yasser Arafat on notice!


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