“Lack of progress” in Darfur


Reuters reports that the U.N. is concerned about “lack of progress” in Darfur:

The United Nations says it is concerned by Sudan’s lack of progress in bringing security to Darfur, where more than a million people have fled their homes for fear of militia attack.

Sudan has less than two weeks to prove to the U.N. Security Council it has made progress towards disarming marauding Arab militias known as Janjaweed, or face possible sanctions.

Let’s review, shall we?

Was the U.N. “concerned” about the years of fighting? Was the U.N. “concerned” about the ethnic cleansing and genocide (a word that they still refuse to say) that has so far cost 40,000 people their lives and sent a million more fleeing for theirs? Where has the “concern” been all these months while the Sudanese government backed and armed the janjaweed, who have been brutally killing, raping, and torturing tens of thousands?

But hey, it’s happening in Africa and it’s so far away, so who really cares anyway right? And what do we know about Sudan, or about Chad, besides that there’s a lot of people there starving and dying? And besides, it wouldn’t be politically-correct to say that what’s actually happening is Muslims killing black Africans. Especially because there’s no way to blame George W. Bush, and there’s no way to blame Israel.

Go read this horror story. Now imagine a million or two more like it. Then try to tell me that we should be relying on the U.N. to ensure international security.

The U.N. fucked up royally in Darfur, just like they fucked up royally in Kosovo, in Rwanda, in the DRC… in virtually anywhere else there’s been a conflict. And, as usual, it is the innocent who pay the price.

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1 Joe 08.23.04 at 11:52 PM

Blame the problem on the Jews (umm, I mean the Zionists) and then you’ll get action from the UN.


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