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Rowing heartbreak

We Canadians don’t exactly have an abundance of medal-contenders at these games. Which makes this all the more painful:

[Dave] Calder, a native of Victoria, and Chris Jarvis of St. Catharines, Ont., were disqualified from the men’s pairs Olympic rowing semifinal Wednesday for leaving their lane just before the finish line.

The story seems a bit fishy, though, because the Canadian team will be allowed to compete in the B-finals:

Jarvis, 23, said the decision was “not a sensible outcome.”

“First, we displayed medal potential the entire race,” he said. “If FISA is willing to change the ruling to allow us to race, why not allow us to race in the final that we have qualified for?

Why indeed?

The South African team claimed that the Canadians interfered with their oar, but the Canadians insist there was no contact. In any case, this is a really tough break for the Canadian team, which was certainly in medal contention until this time. All that training, all those years of hard work… all to end in a tough break. Ouch.

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  • just a guy 08.19.04, 4:46 AM

    Let’s analyse if Canada has an abundance of medals or not.
    World population: 6,379,157,361
    Canada population: 31,825,416

    This means canada has 0.5% of the world population. This means that if the talent is equality spread around the world, Canada should win a medal for each 200 awarded.

    Up to now, 221 medals have been awarded. Canada won 1. So its performance is “fair” but could be better. And we better win another one before the 400th medal is awarded or we suck… ummm I am so smart… heheheheheh

    Malia… I love you.

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