Mais non, c’est impossible!


An apparent planned suicide attack in Paris was met with a typical reaction in France: Denial:

“One cannot draw from this information any indication about the preparation of a possible attack in Paris,” a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said.

A French police source said no signs of a planned attack in Paris or elsewhere in France had been uncovered.

After all, France couldn’t possibly be a victim of a terror attack, right? Not after all the cozying up the country has been doing to terrorist leaders and governments. Not after its outspoken opposition to US policies, particularly in Iraq. France must be immune, right?

Never mind the law banning religious symbols – including hijabs – in schools. Never mind the Algerian terror groups who hate France. Never mind that France, until recently, was the victim of more attempted terrorism attacks than Israel (though it was carefully kept under wraps).

After all, France tried to tell us that if we just attempt to “understand” the terorists instead of fight them, we’ll all just get along. An attempted suicide attack? Quel horreur!

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1 DaninVan 06.10.04 at 5:29 AM

France has a terrorist problem and they’re Islamic? Who knew, eh?


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