Another terrorist attack thwarted


This time in Paris, police arrested 4 who were allegedly involved in planning a terrorist attack.

Four suspected Islamic militants who had an unidentified liquid and an anti-contamination suit were probably planning an attack, France’s interior minister said Tuesday. French counter-terrorism agents arrested the four – three Algerians and a Moroccan – in a raid on an apartment in a Paris suburb on Monday. One of the suspects is a woman, judicial officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Agents also seized the equivalent of $7,750 Cdn in cash, a computer and extremist Islamic documents, the judicial officials said.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said the raid also turned up false identity papers, two vials of an unidentified liquid and “a protective military suit against biological, chemical and nuclear risks.” Specialists were studying the vials’ contents.

I’ve now been to Israel three times and I’ve never seen any kind of problems. But I was in France for 3 days and I witnessed a bomb scare. Statistically, you have a higher chance of dying in a terrorist attack while vacationing in France than in Israel, and yet look which country’s airport has been ghostly empty these past couple of years. Exactly whom is France accused of occupying?

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