More terror in Jerusalem


Woke up this morning to the news of more terror in Jerusalem, and I found myself wishing I could go back to sleep and pretend it was a bad dream. But it was all too real:

Ten people were murdered and 50 wounded when a suicide bomber exploded inside a bus on the corners of Gaza and Arlozorov streets, near the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood at about 8:45 Thursday morning.

CNN is reporting that the terrorist was a Palestinian police officer, which should only serve to reinforce the absurdity of that contradiction in terms. How exactly are we supposed to take the Palestinian leadership seriously when they claim to be doing everything in their power to fight (read: encourage) terrorism?

For most, this is yet another in a long line of horrible, disgusting attacks designed to inflict the maximum civilian casualties. It’s hard to even be horrified anymore. More than anything else, I think people are sick and tired of the whole thing.

But to those killed and injured and to their families, today wasn’t just another attack. It was the one that claimed their loved ones, their limbs, or their lives, for no reason besides having boarded a bus.

It makes me sick.

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