Rainy Saturday


It’s like Murphy’s Law of Weather or something: it’s always nice during the week and rainy on the weekends. Or at least it seems like that.

Heavy downpours last night and today brought back flashbacks of the 1987 flood. That time, we ended up with an early emergency evacuation from day camp and three inches of water in our basement. This time, it doesn’t seem like there will be any consequences more serious than some water accumulation on the street corner. Nonetheless, all this rain is causing my apartment to feel like a sauna, humidity-wise… and my hair is very unhappy. It’s protesting. Which brings me to the other Murphy’s Law: when you pay to get your hair done, the weather will suck. Always.

Rain rain go away.

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1 just a guy 08.01.04 at 12:31 AM

Why are you complaining?

rain is good!!!

im singing in the rain… la la la


2 DaninVan 08.01.04 at 5:36 AM
3 just a guy 08.01.04 at 9:07 AM

nice idea danin… but how can you move the rain from montreal to BC ?????

maybe try to use the water in the pacific ocean first. it would be easier don’t u think?



4 DaninVan 08.01.04 at 3:39 PM

Easy; just fly your Liberal sponges out to the coast. Lord knows they’ve soaked the taxpayers long enough


5 Jonny 08.01.04 at 9:18 PM

The conjecture on Murphies law:
Murphy was an optimist.


6 Andre 08.09.04 at 7:22 PM

The summer has been so crapy in Toronto that people have made up this joke…
What comes after 2 days of rain?
ANswer: Monday!


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