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Our tax dollars at work

Well, the weather finally broke with overnight rain that closed the 40 at the new L’Acadie interchange due to flooding:

The Metropolitain Expressway has been closed in both directions near the l’Acadie circle. Several vehicles had to be abandoned because of sudden accumulations of water. Some drivers sought refuge on the roofs of their cars.

The construction at L’Acadie that took millions of tax dollars and several years was finally completed this year. But now it seems like the road and the drainage system can’t handle a little summer rain.

The spokeswoman from Transport Quebec on the radio this morning was trying to compare today’s rain to the flood of ’87, when over 100mm fell within 2 hours. But moments earlier, an Environment Canada meteorologist said that the amount of rain that fell was fairly typical for a summer shower, and certainly nothing approaching the ’87 flood level. Transport Quebec doesn’t seem to want to admit that they bungled the road work, nor do they seem inclined to do anything to fix it.

Ain’t it great being a taxpayer, knowing our money is so well spent?

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  • John Palubiski 06.17.05, 3:46 PM

    Sari there,s only ONE solution for the metropolitan and THAT circle, which I have to take nearly every day. Dynamite! Lots and lots of dynamite!

    Elevated expressways! Seesh! So fifties, so “Jetsons”

    To boot, in winter it becomes a bobsled run….with people sometimes going up and over the top rim…….and right down onto the service road!!

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