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Second annual IEAPD

Meryl has declared today the International Eat an Animal for PETA day. She started the day last year in response to PETA’s disgusting ad campaign comparing eating meat to the slaughter of six million Jews during the Holocaust. That’s low even for the nutbags at PETA and there’s been an overwhelming call to reprise the day this year.

I approve. I have nothing against vegetarians, but the wingnuts over at People Eating Tasty Animals (er, PETA) are the exception. Don’t want to eat meat? Fine. But shut up about it. PETA, on the other hand, is so obsessed with respect for animals that they have lost all respect for humans. Besides the aforementioned ad campaign, there was also the lovely incident where PETA decided that suicide bombings are OK as long as no donkeys are harmed, or the really classy tactic of telling children their mommy is an animal-killer for wearing fur, by approaching kids at performances of the Nutcracker and handing them flyers.

So I plan to go home after work and have a nice tasty chicken dinner in honour of IEAPD. ‘Course, I probably would’ve done that anyway. But somehow I think it’ll taste better, since I’ll know that it’s in honour of pissing off PETA.

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  • Knave 11.30.-1, 12:00 AM

    As if when an animal is killed, it’s any more pleasant than when people are killed.

    Depends on the manner of death of course.

    Humans, as self-aware beings, are probably more mournful at losing their existence than other creatures.

    Question: Is it wrong to kill a cockroach?

  • Eric 03.15.04, 7:14 PM

    Breakfast: washed down with milk from a hardworking, oppressed cow.

    Lunch: leftover chicken and bacon on quick pasta with veggies.

    Supper: something involving a chunk of cow.

    Happy IEAPD!

  • Otter 03.15.04, 9:19 PM

    I can’t say I’m really into this — I’m no vegetarian but food animals should be treated with respect and appreciation. However loathsome PETA may be, it’s not the chickens’ fault.

  • DaninVan 03.16.04, 9:12 AM

    You bring the matzoh balls ’cause we got the chickens!

    Latest News

    B.C. to slaughter 36,000 chickens
    Birds at Matsqui farm have most virulent avian flu strain

    Glenn Bohn; with Petti Fong
    Vancouver Sun

    Saturday, March 13, 2004
    Avian bird flu has been discovered at Fraserbridge Poultry in Matsqui. It’s believed the virus might have spread through groundwater.
    CREDIT: Bill Keay, Vancouver Sun

    Federal officials plan to kill 36,000 chickens on a Matsqui farm this weekend to stop the spread of a deadly form of bird flu.

    Late Friday — a day after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency imposed an “avian influenza control area” that restricts movement of all birds and bird products in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver –laboratory tests confirmed that chickens at a second Matsqui farm had the same strain of high-pathogenic virus as the chickens on Loewen Acres, a farm just two kilometres away.

  • DaninVan 03.16.04, 4:46 PM


    Rotting chickens raise stink

    Global BC

    March 16, 2004

    Strict precautions are being taken in the Fraser Valley to contain the outbreak of avian flu — but not to contain the smell from thousands of slaughtered chickens.

    Health officials insist there is no health risk from a pile of rotting chicken carcasses being stored in a Richmond trucking yard.

    The stench of the 32,000 slaughtered chickens was intense around Bayridge Transportation Depot Monday night. The carcasses were moved there from an Abbotsford poultry farm over the weekend, but thawed out before they could be disposed of.

    Dr. Cornelius Kiley of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it will take some time to refreeze the birds.

    The smelly, liquefying mess may be unpleasant, he says, but it poses no public health risk as there are no reports of seepage.
    © Global BC 2004

  • Josh 03.16.04, 7:46 PM

    I ate fish.

    I’ll make it up tomorrow with a juicy veal steak.

  • Ryan 03.16.04, 8:52 PM

    As if when an animal is killed, it’s any more pleasant than when people are killed.
    When animals get their throats ripped out fully conscious, I’m sure they feel it just as much as
    Jews or any other people do.

  • DaninVan 03.16.04, 11:21 PM

    I feel the carrots pain as it’s ripped from the soil.

    Ok, ok just kidding; who said that the Universe was without pain? Does the Eagle grieve for the Salmon as it pierces it with it’s talons?
    …or the Fox ripping into a Rabbit?
    It’s just the way it is.

  • Adam 03.17.04, 12:23 AM

    Yes it is, people just shouldn’t complain when it happens to them. Avoid it, yes, but not think there is some principled way of justifying it when it is done to other animals, while panning it when it happens to people.

  • DaninVan 03.17.04, 5:18 PM

    “Question: Is it wrong to kill a cockroach?”

    No,not if it’s crawling across your face in the middle of the night.

    Adam: Exactly.
    “We’re all stardust.”

  • Knave 03.17.04, 7:37 PM

    No,not if it’s crawling across your face in the middle of the night

    But does it not feel pain as you kill it? If not, how do you know?

    And, since it might feel pain, do we have a right to kill that cockroach?

    I’ll give a hint as to where I’m going with this. I want to know why its wrong to kill cows for food, plain and simple.

  • DaninVan 03.17.04, 9:00 PM

    If the cow was crawling across your face in the middle of the night, it’d be a moooo-t point. HahahahHeeehehehe….

  • DaninVan 03.17.04, 9:11 PM

    Ok, ok; I couldn’t resist….let me just wipe the tears off my face…there, I’m back to normal (that alone should scare them…) Right, what was the question again?
    Oh yes, “How do I get my sirloin tip steaks without killing Elsie the cow?”
    You don’t. You either become a vegetarian or you do what every other carnivore/omnivore on earth does without hesitation. Don’t even THINK about using the words ‘moral’ or ‘civilized’! Those are totally irrelavant concepts. If you don’t believe me, ask an Anthropologist to explain the purpose of your various teeth.

  • DaninVan 03.18.04, 12:05 AM


    Kangaroo pummels woman in kick frenzy
    ‘He had so much hate in his eyes … I thought I was going to die’
    Posted: March 16, 2004
    8:41 p.m. Eastern

    © 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

    “He had so much hate in his eyes.”

    Kangaroo like this one accused of aggravated battery (photo courtesy Spinifex Safaris)

    That’s what 48-year-old Sylvia Aldren said after being pummeled and flayed by a kangaroo in the Australian state of Queensland.

    “I can still see his big, beady eyes, like you see in a Martian video,” she told the Brisbane Courier-Mail.

    Aldren, from the town of Burpengary, suffered a large puncture wound on her neck as well as claw marks all over her body from today’s frenzied attack.

    “My nightie was covered in blood and there are paw marks on the back of it,” she told the paper. “I thought I was going to die.”

    -continued next post

  • DaninVan 03.18.04, 12:07 AM

    She says was picking flowers in her garden before hearing a noise and suddenly feeling claws tearing into the back of her neck.

    “I fell down on my front, it happened so quick, and I got up to hold the bucket out in front of me,” she said.

    “It kicked the bucket out of my hand and I grabbed [his paw] to stop him, but he got on his tail and started kicking me – he was taller than me on his hind legs. I tried to get up four or five times but he kept kicking me over. He also bit my hand.”

    Family and friends reportedly watched in horror as the kangaroo repeatedly pelted Aldren in the back as she tried to escape.

    The animal finally jumped away when neighbors got close.

    – Cont’d

  • DaninVan 03.18.04, 12:09 AM

    “I always thought they were cute animals, [but] now I want them culled,” Aldren said, according to the report.

    Ironically, she works for attorneys who specialize in personal-injury cases.

    “But what am I going to do?” Aldren asks. “Sue a kangaroo?”

  • Youri 03.19.04, 1:56 AM


    It was sweet of you to spew about 4 responses filled with random gibberish, but you never even came close to answering my question.

  • DaninVan 03.19.04, 5:38 PM

    Youri: Aside from not mistreating animals, there is no moral answer to your question, as much as you’d like there to be one. Have you read Lovelock’s ‘Ages of Gaia’?

    If you don’t want to eat animal protein then don’t. If you don’t mind then bon apetite. Chicken cacciatore, mmmmmmm….

  • DaninVan 03.19.04, 7:08 PM

    Uh, wait a sec! Are you messing with my head? ‘Knave’ asked a question; ‘Youri’ complained about my not answering “my” question… you’re one and the same?

  • Knave 03.20.04, 3:43 AM

    Someone named Youri wrote something on my blog. I was typing the name into my google toolbar, but I accidentally wrote it on an open Haloscan window. I closed the window, but it kept the name I had typed in.

    The comment above was definately me, not Youri :). Sadly, I can’t correct it.

  • Knave 03.20.04, 3:45 AM

    Aside from not mistreating animals, there is no moral answer to your question

    Oh please, you just don’t want to provide an answer. What is mistreatment? Why is it wrong? Does your reason apply to cockroaches? Why not?

    Two creatures are standing in front of you locked in mortal combat. A bee and a human. One will die, and you have the power to sway this otherwise equal battle (its a wimpy human). Can you choose who to save, or is the bee just as worthy of life as the human?

  • DaninVan 03.20.04, 5:03 AM

    Sort of like this;

    What’s your new question got to do with the carbon-nitrogen cycle? Anyway, I’m allergic to bee stings so I’d probably let the bee have it’s way with the wimpy guy. Sort of a case of survival of the fittest.
    I remember an incident from when I was interested in mtn. climbing. During a climbing expedition on the Monarch Ice cap, we were being tormented by very aggressive horse flies. One of our guys snatched a fly out of the air and, holding onto it, pulled one wing off. He then released the fly and we watched in amazement as the doomed fly spiralled inexorably upward into the sky. I did feel s little guilty; I’d rather he’d just smooshed it.

    “or is the bee just as worthy of life as the human?”
    Imho the ‘worthy’ isn’t part of the equation. Most of us would side with the human protagonist; sort of a species specific thing, you know?

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