What are they, nuts?


Jean Charest’s Liberals might reopen the constitutional debate if they are somehow miraculously re-elected:

The Charest government could reopen constitutional talks if it wins another mandate from the Quebec population.

“I think that we should never forget that it’s important to eventually come to a system where the provinces would be better represented in a reformed senate,” said Intergovernmental and Native Affairs Minister Benoît Pelletier in an interview.

No no no no no, Jean! Didn’t you learn anything from the Mulroney years? From Meech Lake and from Charlottetown? From the events that led up to the 1995 referendum? Why in god’s name would you even suggest stirring this up again?

Hey Liberals: are you desperately trying to do everything in your power to lose the next election? Because you’re sure doing a nice job at it. And the mere word mention of the C-word “constitution” is even dirtier than the R-word “referendum” among most Quebec voters. Even the threat of restarting that nonsense is sure to get your MPs a one-way ticket to the unemployment line.

What is it about politicians and their total utter incapability of learning from past mistakes, anyway?

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1 DaninVan 12.22.04 at 3:26 AM

Hey! If it’ll free us from Liberal Gov’t…


2 segacs 12.22.04 at 3:27 AM

Dan, that’s the Quebec Liberals, not the Federal ones. In Quebec, the only real alternative to the Liberals are the PQ. That’s why most of us federalists hold our noses and vote Liberal faithfully.


3 DaninVan 12.23.04 at 4:53 AM

I KNOW why you vote for them; it doesn’t make the damage they’ve done in the last 30 years+/- any easier to take. Bastards.


4 Kev 01.01.05 at 4:19 AM

They may be scum, but who could do better than the liberals? all we have is nazi and communist parties other than them!


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