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What’s missing from this article?

Let’s play a game: what’s missing from this Guardian article about a British MP complaining of “mistreatment” by Israel because his ambulance was held at a Palestinian checkpoint?

Let’s see… one-sided criticism of Israel? Check. Editorial characterization in guise of fact? Check. Quotes from the MP, Ian Gibson – who, it should be noted, was in Ramallah for a suitably vague reason (“guest of a medical charity”)? Check. Quotes from unidentified “Palestinian sources”? Check. Accusations against Israel for violating international agreements? Check.

Israeli sources?


No mention of any Israeli sources being interviewed at all.

No mention that the reason ambulances are often delayed or turned back at checkpoints is that terrorists use them to smuggle suicide bombers or explosives – a severe violation of international law on several counts.

No explanation of why Gibson was so insistent to be taken to a Palestinian and not Israeli hospital.

This is what passes for “journalism” by the Guardian’s standards.

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  • joe 09.23.04, 7:46 PM

    Sari, did you email this to the Guardian editor?

  • Malia 09.23.04, 10:34 PM

    The Guardian is one of the most anti-Israeli and American newspapers I’ve ever read! It truly is despicable. Are the owners Arabs/Muslims? That can only be the only explanation for their terrible biased reporting.

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