Yasser Arafat is dead


CBC is reporting that Arafat is dead.


I can’t say I will grieve for him or mourn him. He was a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people – including large numbers of his own people.

But this is as much the end of an era as the beginning of one. Palestinians are sure to mourn en masse, even the majority of them who hated the man. He’s the only leader they’ve ever really had. And his death creates an enormous power vacuum that’s sure to lead to Palestinian civil war. What the next 72 hours will bring is anyone’s guess.

Update: The various media networks can’t seem to agree yet even on whether Arafat is dead or alive. CNN says he’s in a coma in critical condition. Reuters cites Israeli TV in saying he’s “clinically dead”. But Ahmed Qurie is denying this saying he’s critical but still alive. One thing for sure: if he comes out of a coma after being declared dead, Arafat will have achieved the one thing still eluding him: godlike status.

Update #2: AP confirms that French media are reporting Arafat clinically dead, in an irreversible coma.

Update #3: Reuters now says he’s still alive, making Arafat the only man in the world who can be both dead and alive at the same time.

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1 Damian P. 11.06.04 at 4:41 PM

“Arafat was brought to hospital and pronounced dead. Later, he was brought to a better hospital, where his condition was upgraded to ‘alive’.”

– Kent Brockman


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