Boisclair wins PQ leadership


Our likely next Premier of Quebec is 39-year-old Andre Boisclair, who beat out rivals including Pauline Marois for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, despite the media attention given to his past cocaine use:

Boisclair faces high expectations. Charest has been stuck at staggering levels of unpopularity since shortly after coming to power in 2003. The PQ expects to beat the Liberals and snap Quebec’s 35-year tradition of electing governments to two terms.

Considered a relatively soft sovereigntist and a right-winger in a party of progressives, Boisclair must unite a party whose hawkish elements have taken down Bernard Landry, Bouchard and even Rene Levesque for showing hesitation on independence.

This isn’t good news for federalists. Boisclair, despite his battle to get elected, is just the kind of young, charismatic leader that can recruite “soft nationalists” and increase support for sovereignty. It will remain to be seen what changes he brings to the PQ platform, but one thing’s for sure: he has an excellent chance of steamrolling to victory in the next provincial election.

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1 Tré 11.16.05 at 4:09 PM

Maybe, but he doesn’t compare to Lévesque and he doesn’t sound like a priest (Bouchard) so I won’t put my money on him to lead to sovereignty.


2 John Palubiski 11.16.05 at 6:23 PM

This is good news for federalists. Boisclair doesn’t inspire confidence, and as Don M. says in The Gazette this morning; “it was symore of an unpopularity contest”.

We can all breathe easy!


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